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Singles 2018-19

Eight members had an enjoyable evening battling to win the High Road or even the Low Road.  In the preliminary skirmishes, Anderson, Brown, Ramsay, and Hunter overcame their respective opponents to go forward to the High Road. 

In the Low Road semi-finals, Lambie beat Hope, and Moir beat Jacobs; so Andrew met Alex in the final.  Alex had played very well in the earlier rounds but Andrew’s experience kept him in the lead in this last game.  Congratulations to Andrew on winning the Low Road.

In the High Road semi-finals, Brown beat Anderson, and Hunter beat Ramsay; so Craig met Ken in the final. Craig took a single in the first end (of six) and Ken countered with a three in the second end.  Craig took another single in the third end, and Ken replied with a single in the fourth.  Neither player particularly shone in the fifth end, but Craig manged a single with the final shot of the end.  In the final end two silent strikes from Ken with his last two stones left Craig with a two to take the medal 5-4.  Congratulations to Craig on his win, he played well throughout the competition.

Finally, special thanks to Jim Ramsay for coming in at the very last minute to ensure that we had a full entry on the night.

Rink Championship

Penicuik met Midcalder in the first round of the competition on Sunday afternoon (9 Dec).  The Penicuik team was skipped by Andrew Lambie, with Dave Anderson, Jim Ramsay, and Ken Hunter at Lead (an eleventh hour Sub for an unwell Dave Carr).

Midcalder applied considerable pressure in the opening two ends and only well judged final shots by our Skip held them to singles.  Penicuik rallied in the third end to take a two, then  Midcalder worked a single in the four end to go 3-2 up.  Penicuik tied the game with a single at the fifth, and went on to steal a two at the sixth, followed by a single at the seventh to end up winners 6-3.

A good game for us, played in the appropriate spirit by both sides.  Penicuik will meet Corstorphine in the next round on Sunday 6 January (12.00pm).

Final of the Knock-out Competition

Team Ramsay (flying under the Dunbar flag) met Team Scott in the final of this season’s competition. Team Ramsay got off to a good start with a two then a steal of four.  In the third end, Roger Scott moved two opposition counters from the centre of the house to the back of the four foot and Iain was subsequently able to get a draw in to them to take a single.  Team Scott remained up against it  with Jim’s team rarely putting a foot wrong. In the sixth end, Iain  Scott managed to convert a position of 3-down to one of 3-up with his last stone to make it 10-4 to Team Ramsay and conceded the game.

Congratulations to the winning team, Jim Ramsay, Robert Beaton, Martin Hobbs, and Les Dalgleish.  Commiserations to Iain Scott and his team of Roger Scott, Pam Ramsay and Vic Ramage.

Knock-out Semi-finals

The two semi-finals of this seasons’s competition were played out last night (12 Nov).  In the first games Team Carr met Team Dunbar, both without the named skips. In a fairly tight game Jim Ramsay led Team Dunbar to a narrow win (5-4, without the 2 shot penalty deduction) over their 3-man opponents led by Keith Morris.  Teams Jacobs and Scott had a extremely close dual, with Scott leading at the beginning only to be overtaken by Jacobs as the game progressed.  At the end the game went to Team Scott (5-4) with two notable final shots by their skip in the last two ends.

Team Dunbar will meet Team Scott in the final on Monday 3 December.

Close Encounter in the Swan

Penicuik met Currie & Balerno in the first round of the Swan Trophy yesterday afternoon (8 Nov); the Swan is a double rink knock-out competition.  The Penicuik teams were  (a) Dave Anderson, Jim Ramsay, Dave Carr, and Reg Dunbar, and (b) Andrew Lambie, Ken Hunter, Ronnie Hope, and John Glidden.  Team (a) had a very tight game and Dave Anderson was successful with his final shot of the match to take a single to peel the game at 5-5 (5 ends to Penicuik).  Team (b) had a more up and down game, going behind after leading by three shots however, two fine draws by Andrew Lambie in the last end resulted in a second peeled game 8-8 (5 ends to Penicuik).  So remarkably a draw across the match, and on to the sudden death of drawing the house.  Simon Fleming of Currie & Balerno went first and ended up in the eight foot circle, and, perhaps with over enthusiastic sweeping, Dave Anderson’s stone finished up just through the house.

Knock-out First Round

Last night (5 Nov), four teams contested for places in the semi-finals.  Team Lambie met Team Scott, and after a fairly tight game Iain Scott’s rink emerged as winners (8-5).  In the second game, Team Anderson (skipped on the night by Murray Hope) took on Team Jacobs.  After sharing singles at the first two ends, John Jacobs’ rink went on to a comfortable win (12-1).

The semi-finals are on Monday 12 November, with Teams Carr and Dunbar joining the battle for places in the final.