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Introductory Session for Points

On Saturday afternoon (27 Feb) the Club organised an introductory session for members interested in trying Points.  Eleven members attended and they enjoyed the opportunity to experience this different format.  Participants offered mutual support to each other and generously cheered successful shots from their peers.  It was not a formal competition, but for the record the leading scorers were Margaret Carr, Ian Neil, and Janette Lambie.  In line with the desire of the participants, the table of results has been lodged in the Club’s records.  The enthusiasm for some kind of competition next season will be forwarded to the Committee. 


Thirds League

Two games critical to the outcome of the Thirds League took place tonight (Feb 25).  Team Beaton took on Team Jacobs on Sheet 6, whilst Team Carr took on Team Scott on Sheet 7.  In the first mentioned game, Team Beaton having taken a single in the first end, had their hopes torpedoed by loosing a three in the second end and conceding a single in the third end, Team Jacobs running out winners by 7 shots to 4.  In the second game, Team Scott weathered the loss of singles in the first two ends before recovering to go 4-2 up after five ends.  They then lost headway, conceding a two at the sixth end to tie the game, before taking a three in the final end to snatch victory.

Although there are still two games to be played, Team Scott having completed their games cannot be surpassed.  Congratulation to Iain, Alex, Barbara, and Les on winning the league.

Second Points Competition

Nine members assembled on Wednesday evening (24 Feb) to contest the medal for the Second Points. Fastest out of the blocks on the first two disciplines was Jim Ramsay followed by Tom Alexander, and Reg Dunbar.  Jim easily kept his place as front runner over the next two disciplines followed by a chasing pack of Walter, Reg, Tom, John J, with David B and Ken closing behind.  The next lap involved Chap & Lie;  Ken and Tom made decisive moves and closed the gap behind Jim and Walter.  Wick & Curl In was probably the decisive lap, with Ken scoring a five to gain a three point lead over Jim, Tom, and John. A late surge by Jim in the final discipline (Raising) just failed to get him to the tape ahead of Ken.

Scores after 7 disciplines ; Ken Hunter 31, Jim Ramsay 30, John Jacobs 27.  Some good scoring across the board on ice that was tricky at times.  The stand-out performance of the night for your reporter was that of David Ballantyne who finished on 24 points.  Well done David.

Midcalder Bonspiel

Penicuik were invited to play in the Midcalder Bonspiel on the 7th February. Midcalder provided 3 teams to play against 3 invited teams, the winner being the team with the highest shots up. The winning team was a Midlothian team skipped by Graham Young. They beat the Penicuik team of Dave Carr, Andrew Lambie, Jean Lennie and John Glidden by 5 shots. (Dave Carr just missing out on draws to save the last 3 ends.)
Haddington won the prize for the best invited team, winning their game by 1 shot.
As usual the games were followed by a pleasant drink upstairs.


The Mid-bonspiel was held on Saturday afternoon (13 Feb).  Six teams vied to take the day, playing to a slightly different format.  The teams lined up on the starting grid all polished-up and ready to go, full of optimism about the forthcoming trials.  Turbo-charged Team D, with a third Skip in as a late replacement part, found the going harder than they would have hoped.  Progress was difficult if not impossible to monitor in the constantly changing arena, but as the event moved on Teams B & F quietly  moved up the leader board.  In the final lap it was Team B who took the chequered flag narrowly ahead of Team F.  Congratulations to Skip Christine Hope and her team Iain Scott, Colin Brown, and Ken Hunter.

Thanks also go to the Social Sub-committee in particular to Barbara Gillespie , for organising the event.  

Photographs can be viewed on the Competitions pages.

Merchiston Team Points Match

Penicuik met Merchiston on Sunday evening (7 Feb) for the much anticipated annual Team Points contest.  As the time of the engagement approached, our expeditionary brigade became somewhat depleted by call-offs to the Sick List; we were fortunate that sufficient volunteers from our battalion of reserves came forward to bring us back to full strength.  Our formation for the night was made up of Tom Alexander, Dave Anderson, David Ballantyne, Jim Cowper, Ronnie Hope, Ken Hunter, Keith Morris, and Iain Scott.

On quite tricky ground, Ronnie, Dave, and Keith led our attack in the early skirmishes (Striking & Inwicking), with Iain Scott supporting well with his contribution at Inwicking.  Merchiston regained some ground with their superior performance at Drawing, but Ronnie, Dave, Jim, and Ken ensured a quick reply at Guarding.  A narrow gain was established at Chap & Lie with Ken, Dave, and Tom in our vanguard.  Both teams struggled to take the initiative with the difficult objective set by Wick & Curl In, but Merchiston proved superior here.  At this stage of the contest Penicuik had a 15 point lead; so onto the latter parts of the battle.  Our light artillery proved effective at Raising with David and Ken extracting full points, however Merchiston equalled our boys when it came to Chap & Lie.  In the final round (Drawing the Port, and Outwicking), a solid advance at Drawing the Port by the whole Penicuik Brigade ensured that we would take the day before we consolidated our position with a small gain at Outwicking, largely based on the actions of Dave and Keith.

The final score was Penicuik 124 points, Merchiston 97 Points.  Our top three scorers on the night were Dave Anderson (24), Ronnie Hope (21), and Ken Hunter (21).  A fine performance by Province Secretary David Cunningham made him Merchiston ‘s top scorer on 23 points, and he was supported by Keith Anderson and David Finnie, both on 17 points.

A good night for Penicuik, but our worthy opponents will return to give battle next season re-invigorated, so we must look to our mettle and be prepared for a tougher contest.

Merchiston Points 2016_001

Midlothian Province Bonspiel

The annual Province Bonspiel was held on Monday 25 January.  Penicuik fielded three teams (a consequence of our Club size).  Ken Hunter skipped the first game, against our old friends Merchiston, with Ronnie Hope, John Glidden, and Reg Dunbar.  After a keen contest Penicuik ran out winners by 7 shots to 6.  The second game was against a strong Oxenfoord team; Jim Ramsay skipped with Jean Lennie, Andrew Lambie and Dave Carr.  Penicuik lost the game by a single shot.  The evening game against the Bank of Scotland was skipped by Walter Brown, with Dave Anderson, Roger Scott, and John Jacobs.  The final score in this game was 9 – 4 in favour of the Bank team.

Overall not so good, Penicuik ended the day being 5 shots down, yielding an aggregate score of -1.67.  The bonspiel was won by Carrington who ended the day with an aggregate score of +14.33 for their three rinks.