Thirds League

Two games critical to the outcome of the Thirds League took place tonight (Feb 25).  Team Beaton took on Team Jacobs on Sheet 6, whilst Team Carr took on Team Scott on Sheet 7.  In the first mentioned game, Team Beaton having taken a single in the first end, had their hopes torpedoed by loosing a three in the second end and conceding a single in the third end, Team Jacobs running out winners by 7 shots to 4.  In the second game, Team Scott weathered the loss of singles in the first two ends before recovering to go 4-2 up after five ends.  They then lost headway, conceding a two at the sixth end to tie the game, before taking a three in the final end to snatch victory.

Although there are still two games to be played, Team Scott having completed their games cannot be surpassed.  Congratulation to Iain, Alex, Barbara, and Les on winning the league.