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Merchiston 1816

On 9th January at 6.00pm Penicuik played Merchiston in the Merchiston 1816 competition.

I have been trying to erase the game from my memory but, unfortunately, have been asked to provide a report on the game!!

The Penicuik Team (to their shame) was Keith Morris (skip), Dave Anderson, Dave Carr and Jim Hume, with Keith Anderson, John Jacobs (Turncoat!!), John Wood and David Miller playing for Merchiston.

Merchiston started with a SIX, followed by a two. For the next four ends, Penicuik hung on and prevented the difference getting any worse. So, 11-3 after 6 ends. At the 7th end, Merchiston were lying 4, with Keith to play last stone. For the first time in the game, a Penicuik player played a good shot, with a double take out and roll to just take shot.

Final score 11-4, which flattered Penicuik.  Congratulations to Merchiston who all played very well.

I hope the above is correct but, fortunately, the score card has been lost and trying to remember the details has been a bit painful!! After the game we all retired upstairs for the usual very pleasant banter and drinks. Hopefully, we will get our revenge in the Points match on 2nd February. 

Report by Dave Carr 


Latest Club Challenge

For the second time this season the current holders Andrew Keith Robert and Martin were challenged, this time by a rink skipped by Iain Scott supported by Ken Craig and Roger.

This very close match took place on Tuesday 14th with good play all round and at the end of the 2nd end it was all square at 2 stones each. In the 3rd end Craig managed a perfectly angled raise to take shot before Andrew twice found the gaps allowing Iain to come in and take a 3. The tables were turned in the 4th end when Iain’s last shot to try and cut down Andrew’s three lying stones was swept perfectly through the gap. So 5 stones each after 4 ends. In the next end, Andrew scored a 2 before Iain rounded off the match with a single in each of the last two ends resulting overall in a peel at 7 stones each.

It had been discussed and agreed before the match that in the event of a peel, the current holders would retain the title. So commiserations to Iain’s rink for a very valliant effort, and congratulations to Andrew’s rink who will march onwards into next season as Club Challenge title holders. 

Jean Noble

West Linton Challenge

Chris presenting Trophy to Iain after Penicuik win West Linton Challenge

This long standing friendly fixture involving two rinks from each Club was held on Friday 10th January.

Jim Ramsay skipped a team of Margaret Carr, Kirsty McWilliam and Jean Noble who played against Alister Lambie, Alison Cockburn, Derek Hall and Anne Lambie.  In the first end, West Linton were counting 5 in the head before Jim played a wonderful last stone to limit the deficit to 1. Penicuik lost another 2 at the 2nd end before returning with a 4 at the 3rd. West Linton came back winning with a 3 at the 4th end before Penicuik pulled away in the last three ends with a 4, a 1, and a further 4  to win their match 13-6.

Andrew Lambie’s rink of Iain Scott, Elaine Lambie and Frank Duffy played against Chris and Mairi McDonald,  Eric Leslie and Lesley Glidden. This match looked to be heading in West Linton’s favour when they were leading 5-1 after 4 ends. However, Penicuik rallied in the last three ends when they took a 1, then a 2 then a further single thus peeling the match.

The competition was played in the best of spirits with the combined scores resulting in a win for Penicuik. The teams retired to the Clubroom for the traditional post match drinks and chats, before Chris presented Iain with the Trophy. A very sociable and pleasant evening’s curling.

Jean Noble

Rink Championship

Having progressed to the second round of the Rink Championship by default, due to the failure of our opposition to appear for the first round,  a rink of Jim Ramsay, Andrew Lambie, Iain Scott and Margaret Carr stepped up to play against Corstorphine  on 9th November. They  came out very creditable winners with a score of 8-4 to progress to the semi-finals to play against Gogar Park on Saturday 4th January.

The rink of Jim Ramsay, Andrew Lambie, Dave Anderson and Margaret Carr played well to be ahead by 4 shots to 3 at the 4th end. Unfortunately we gave away a 5 at the 5th end to make life difficult for ourselves. We gained a single in the 6th and stole a 2 in the final end to finish up losing by a single shot 7-8. Very frustrating considering that we won 5 ends to 2.

Report by Dave Anderson

The Swan Trophy

This annual trophy, a double rink competition, is sponsored by auctioneers John Swan & Sons and was played this season on the 12th December.

Rinks of Andrew Lambie, Keith Morris, Roger Scott and Alex Moir and of  Dave Anderson, Jim Ramsay, Ken Hunter and Ronnie Hope were pitted against our old adversaries of Oxenfoord. Andrew’s rink got off to a steady start then scored a five to settle down to win their game strongly by 12 shots to 6. Dave’s rink lost a single in the first end and were lying shot in the second with last stone for a potential two but unfortunately the last shot did not draw as expected and raised an opposition stone to gift them a single. This was the way that the game continued and we were outplayed by a strong rink.  Although we managed two consolation shots we lost the game by 14 shots to 2, thereby losing the match overall by 20 shots to 14.

Report from Dave Anderson