Merchiston 1816

On 9th January at 6.00pm Penicuik played Merchiston in the Merchiston 1816 competition.

I have been trying to erase the game from my memory but, unfortunately, have been asked to provide a report on the game!!

The Penicuik Team (to their shame) was Keith Morris (skip), Dave Anderson, Dave Carr and Jim Hume, with Keith Anderson, John Jacobs (Turncoat!!), John Wood and David Miller playing for Merchiston.

Merchiston started with a SIX, followed by a two. For the next four ends, Penicuik hung on and prevented the difference getting any worse. So, 11-3 after 6 ends. At the 7th end, Merchiston were lying 4, with Keith to play last stone. For the first time in the game, a Penicuik player played a good shot, with a double take out and roll to just take shot.

Final score 11-4, which flattered Penicuik.  Congratulations to Merchiston who all played very well.

I hope the above is correct but, fortunately, the score card has been lost and trying to remember the details has been a bit painful!! After the game we all retired upstairs for the usual very pleasant banter and drinks. Hopefully, we will get our revenge in the Points match on 2nd February. 

Report by Dave Carr