Club Medals

Our early club trophies all took the form of silver medals, a significant proportion of which have survived the passage of time and remain in the hands of the club. These medals are now awarded annually to the winners of club competitions and form part of the ongoing heritage of the club. The medals can be grouped into three categories based on their origin;

  • Individual play
  • Rink Competitions
  • District medals

Medals awarded to Individuals

Sir George Clerk (6th Baronet) generously donated a silver medal each year when ice was available for the Club Championship.  These contests consisted of Points matches.  In the early years (1816-18), only three disciplines were played, Striking, Drawing, and In-wicking; Porting was introduced as a fourth discipline from 1819.  A minimum scoring requirement was also applied, so that on three occasions a medal was not awarded.  Winners were deducted a point in subsequent championship matches for each win previously gained.  Most of the matches were probably played on the Low Pond, but a few were played on the High Pond, and in 1854 the match was played out on Hurly Pond.  In total, medals were played for on 34 occasions between 1816 and 1857.  Records for the period 1857-1865 are incomplete; Sir George died in 1867.  Fortunately two examples of his medals survive, and remain in the hands of the Club; currently they are awarded annually to the winners of the Pairs Competition.

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Sir George Douglas Clerk, who became the 8th Baronet in 1871, was a military man who served as a Lieutenant-Colonel in the British Army.  He was listed as a member of the club in the period 1880-82, however he continued his grandfather’s tradition of providing medals for the Club Championship, beginning in 1871.  one example of his medals remains in the possession of the Club.

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This particular medal was probably the final one presented to the Club, as Sir George D Clerk died in 1911.  The markings indicate that it had been made by Thomas Smith & Son of Edinburgh at a time consistent with the initial engraving for 1909.  This medal was re-used for subsequent championships up to 1933, and in more recent times it has been awarded to the winner of the Second Points Competition (1981 onwards), and it is presented in a wooden case bearing an engraved front plate with the winners’ names.

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The minute book records that the Club first introduced a separate competition for the Club Points Medal in 1871.  This medal appears to have been played for until 1907; it remains unclear whether or not separate medals were presented for each event, or whether, as seems more likely, a single medal was utilised for successive events.  Unfortunately nothing has survived to the present day.  In 1908, the then president, Alexander Cowan, offered to provide a new medal for the Club Points Competition.

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This latter medal was first gained in 1909 and it is engraved with the names of winners up to 1950.  After that date, the medal was presented in a small leather box with a silver front plate inscribed with the names of subsequent winners up to 1990, thereafter the boxed medal was presented in a wooden curling stone. It is currently awarded for the First Points Competition.

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John Clerk, a son of Sir George Clerk (6th Baronet), was a member of the Club during the period 1838-1841, and thereafter was an Honorary Member until his death.  He presented the Club with a medal in the winter of 1870-71, a fact that unusually does not appear to have been recorded in the minute book.  The medal was gained by Thomas Lamb in 1871.  This medal has been awarded annually to the winner/runner-up of the Singles Competition.

Another silver medal was presented to the Club by James MacLean of Nine Mile Burn.  That medal was contested for on 8 occasions between 1840 and 1855.  Regrettably there is no evidence that the medal survived.    

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