Rink (Kettle) League

Initially in the 1950’s, the Rink League was made up of six teams, of eight players, which played each other only once.  Gradually over the succeeding years, the number of players in each team was reduced, and the number of participating teams increased.  Ultimately the league was extended such that teams, by then mostly of four or five players, met each other twice.  In 1978 during the wind-up of Valleyfield Paper Mill by Reed International Ltd, an old trophy presented to Valleyfield Curling Club by Alexander Cowan in 1902, passed into the possession of Penicuik Curling Club.  This trophy took the form of a silver kettle, and it has been presented to the winners of the Rink League since 1978; hence the Rink League is most commonly referred to as the ‘Kettle League’.


In the early years of the club, the Sir George Clerk Points medal was the most sought after trophy for the season as the winner became club champion.  In present days, it is the Kettle League trophy that is probably the most coveted annual prize, with the winning Skip and his/her team being regarded as club champions of the season.

Rink League Winners 1975-96  View

Rink League Winners 1955-75  View