Opening Bonspiel

Sunday 24 September (3.45pm) 

Bonspiel winners, Dave Anderson, Peter Occleston, Kirsten Mauchline, and Vic Ramage, with sponsor Ian Neil

‘Foundation’ Team, John Jacobs, Linda Hunter, Ian Neil, and Jan Stuart


Team A

               Dave Anderson

               Peter Occleston

               Kirsten Mauchline

               Vic Ramage

Team B

               John Jacobs

               Linda Hunter

               Ian Neil

               Jan Stuart

Team C

               Iain Scott

               P Ramsay

               Jean Noble

               Alicia Neil

Team D

               Walter Brown

               Liz Anderson

               Mike Mauchline

               Alister McDonald

Team E

               Jim Ramsay

               Ken Hunter

               Janette Lambie

               Craig Brown

Team F

               Andrew Lambie

               Jean Lennie

               Alex Moir

               Jim Hume

Format: Single end then change sheet.  Last stone advantage as posted on the day.  Seven ends will be played where time permits completion by all teams.