Opening Bonspiel 2021

On March 16th 2020, club members received the following email from our secretary, Jean:

“At this difficult and uncertain time, the health and well-being of our fellow members and their immediate families is obviously of prime importance to us all, so an Emergency Committee Meeting was held last evening to decide on future events. At time of writing there has been no decision made to close Murrayfield Curling Rink, but today’s announcements from the Government and its advisers have borne out the decisions we made last night which are detailed below:

  • the Closing Bonspiel in its usual format has been cancelled with immediate effect. Kirsten will be in touch with anyone who agreed to play if any alternative options present themselves.
  • the Annual Dinner and Prizegiving will be postponed and no decision on a future date will be taken until we know more about the spread of the virus and the impact on day to day life as the weeks and months progress. The Craigie have been very understanding in the circumstances, and any money already paid by members will be returned by our Treasurer. It may be possible that individual prizes can be presented during one of our summer social events should they take place.
  • individual Skips and their teams should decide on whether to play remaining Kettle and Thirds matches. Indications are that most will cancel, however for any that are played the result will stand but there will be no penalty applied for having a reduced team.
  • the annual 37 Club Match for this season will be cancelled and rescheduled at the beginning of next season, with a second match to be played towards the end of next season.
  • the AGM will be postponed till further notice.
  • at time of writing the Edinburgh International Curlers Gathering may still go ahead but in a much reduced format as many curlers have cancelled already. More info will be provided to those involved in due course by Ken and his team but the situation may well change again should Murrayfield decide to close the Curling Club.

It is a shame that a very busy and competitive season has ended in this way, but I am sure you will agree that Curling is of minor importance in these difficult times. It is hard not to feel worried about the potential impact of the Virus on our families and loved ones but, as long as we all take sensible precautions and follow all advice given, hopefully we will come through.

Thanks to all our members who played in the competitions and many congratulations to all the winning teams and individuals. The Committee wish you all well in the days and weeks ahead, and hopefully we can resume with renewed vigor next season. Committee business will continue as usual over the summer months.

Kind regards, Jean”

Who would have thought that would be the last time most of us would meet together on the ice for nineteen months. And who could have imagined the horror the world was about to be put through during those next nineteen months. And the world is still in the throes of the terrible disease now known by virtually everyone in the world, adult and child, as “COVID”.

But at last, on Sunday 3rd October 2021, twenty-four club members did get back on the ice at our Opening Bonspiel, and the excitement was palpable! Some of the older members, understandably, looked slightly confused; as if they had forgotten which foot went on the hack! But like riding a bike, once a curler always a curler! The old muscles creaked and sprung into life; skips shouted instructions which were either misunderstood or ignored; stones were swept through or not swept enough; pick-ups were blamed for miscreant shots. Yes, all was right in the world again!

Paul laid on a splendid meal; Jim, obviously hungry, gave an abbreviated version of the grace; prizes and medals were awarded; and generally a good time was had by all. The winners were Team Scott, (yes, him again!), with Pam Ramsay, Jim Cowper and David Ballantyne. Those confined to the bottom step for poor play were Team Brown, with Keith Morris, Christine Hope and Jan Stuart.

Our grateful thanks to Ian Neil for sponsoring this event once again.

It’s so good to be back!