Annual Golf Event 2021

A motley crew ready for action.

Stand Still

Stand still at the back – and that’s a ball not an egg!

Winning Team

New balls please, for the losing team.

Margaret receiving her 50 Year Medal

Lovely meal.

Mmm! This is good, isn’t it Reg.

Senior statesmen and their good ladies.

Eat up Colin, I want my pudding.

Jim’s still thinking about that wayward drive.

Annual Croquet Outing 2021

Penicuik House

Drinks at the bar.

Smiling happy people.


Will it get there?

That way Janette!  —–>

Stop laughing! I am trying to play my shot.

Help! Mallet attack!


Difficult shot!

When is it my turn?

Time for a rest

Winning team – Iain and Eileen.

Must do better – Janette and Neil.

League Medal

A medal was presented to the Club by Sir George D Clerk in 1881/82.  There is no clearly recorded use of the medal until 1955 when it began to be used for the then newly established Rink League in 1955.  This trophy was eventually superseded by the Kettle Trophy in the 1970s.

Mid Season Bonspiel

Bonspiel Winners

Not quite the winners

Group photo

Saturday League Christmas Bonspiel

Group Photo resplendent in festive jumpers and hats.

Christmas Bonspiel Winners – Jean, Barbara, Stuart and David

Supporting Team of Christine, Irene, Ronnie , Aileen and Maisie with Rebecca.

Opening Bonspiel Winners 2019-2020

Competition Sponsor Ian Neil with winning team of Jim Ramsay, Jim Cowper, Elaine Lambie and Jan Stuart.

Foundation Team of Ronnie, Alex, with Ian. Craig and John J missing from photo

Golf Outing 1st September 2019

Lovely Day for a Tex-Mex Scramble

Croquet Outing 2019

Annual Dinner 2019

(Photographs courtesy of Lynne Morris)

KIng George IV Trophy Squad 2018-19. (Robert Beaton also played in all of the games at Third).

Presentation of medals to Christine Brown and Jim Cowper for attaining 50 years as members

Intermediate Points Winner

Pairs Low Road Winners

Pairs High Road Winners

Double Points Winner

Singles Winner

Knockout Winners

Thirds League Winners

Kettle League Winners

Hurley League Winners