District Medals

Up to its centenary in 1914-15, the Club had won 23 silver District Medals awarded by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club for inter-club matches.  The first one was gained against the then neighbouring Roslin Club in 1843.

Bicentenary 1a

The complete collection of district medals was worn ceremonially by the President, Alexander Cowan, when the Club marked its centenary in a combined celebration with Roslin Curling Club (founded 1816) at Haymarket Ice Rink.  This event took place belatedly from Penicuik’s point of view, in 1916, probably as a result of the impact of the First World War.  As is the case with the silver medals referred to in these pages, these District Medals are now awarded annually for Club Competitions, specifically  to the winners of the Rink League (Kettle) Championship, the Thirds (Hope Quaich) League, and the Knock-out Challenge Trophy.

Bicentenary 7a

District Medals Gained

In the same period, District medal matches were lost to Currie (1840, 1885, 1902, 1907), Eddleston (1863), Edinburgh Co-operatives (1857), Glencorse (1878), Uphall (1854), West Linton (1855, 1880), and Whitehill (1865).