Knock-out Semi-finals

The two semi-finals of this seasons’s competition were played out last night (12 Nov).  In the first games Team Carr met Team Dunbar, both without the named skips. In a fairly tight game Jim Ramsay led Team Dunbar to a narrow win (5-4, without the 2 shot penalty deduction) over their 3-man opponents led by Keith Morris.  Teams Jacobs and Scott had a extremely close dual, with Scott leading at the beginning only to be overtaken by Jacobs as the game progressed.  At the end the game went to Team Scott (5-4) with two notable final shots by their skip in the last two ends.

Team Dunbar will meet Team Scott in the final on Monday 3 December.

Close Encounter in the Swan

Penicuik met Currie & Balerno in the first round of the Swan Trophy yesterday afternoon (8 Nov); the Swan is a double rink knock-out competition.  The Penicuik teams were  (a) Dave Anderson, Jim Ramsay, Dave Carr, and Reg Dunbar, and (b) Andrew Lambie, Ken Hunter, Ronnie Hope, and John Glidden.  Team (a) had a very tight game and Dave Anderson was successful with his final shot of the match to take a single to peel the game at 5-5 (5 ends to Penicuik).  Team (b) had a more up and down game, going behind after leading by three shots however, two fine draws by Andrew Lambie in the last end resulted in a second peeled game 8-8 (5 ends to Penicuik).  So remarkably a draw across the match, and on to the sudden death of drawing the house.  Simon Fleming of Currie & Balerno went first and ended up in the eight foot circle, and, perhaps with over enthusiastic sweeping, Dave Anderson’s stone finished up just through the house.

Knock-out First Round

Last night (5 Nov), four teams contested for places in the semi-finals.  Team Lambie met Team Scott, and after a fairly tight game Iain Scott’s rink emerged as winners (8-5).  In the second game, Team Anderson (skipped on the night by Murray Hope) took on Team Jacobs.  After sharing singles at the first two ends, John Jacobs’ rink went on to a comfortable win (12-1).

The semi-finals are on Monday 12 November, with Teams Carr and Dunbar joining the battle for places in the final. 

King George IV Trophy 2018-19

Penicuik played in the first round of this competition on Friday evening (26 Oct).  Our rink of Ken Hunter, Robert Beaton, Liz Anderson, and Ronnie Hope faced a ‘battle hardened’  Stewart Melville FP rink captained by Vicki Gumley.

Penicuik stole a single in the first end based on a super draw round front stones to the heart of the four foot by Robert.  Another steal in the second came after our opponents failed to counter a tap-back near the centre from Ken.  Stewart Mel responded in the third end with two early stones to the four foot which we were unable to successfully attack.  In the fourth end, our team countered each stone that the opposition put up and prior to the last two stones we lay with a stone on either side in the outer circle.  Ken drew to the back of the four-foot , Vicki attempted a freeze but ended up off the centre line but counting. Three quarters of her stone was visible from the hack, so Ken opted for a half weight strike; powerful sweeping from Liz and Ronnie  got the running stone just by a stone lying at the front of the house to give us a four.  Onto the fifth end, where we started with a stone in the four foot which Stewart Mel drew to covering the pot lid.  We froze on that, but our opponents managed to move it and get a second shot in and then played in a third stone that  just short of it.  We guarded to counter the risk of losing our back stone to no avail, Vicki played a perfect long raise on our guard to hit their third stone moving our counter enough to get a three.  We got the better of things at the sixth end, and when a strike by Vicki’ s last stone caught a front stone, Ken was able to draw for a fourth shot.  Everything looked OK in the last end but, probably a combination of poor decision making on our part and several excellent shots by our opponents, resulted in a loss of five shots.  The game being drawn at ten all, Penicuik progressed by virtue of winning more ends.

The second round game is at 6.00pm on Friday 30 November against Holyrood.

Hurley Conclusion

The winners and runners-up from the two sections met in the semi-finals on Monday evening (8 Oct).  In the first game Team Jacobs had a narrow win (6-5) over Team Hope to reach the final.  In the second game Hunter & Co (aka Team Lambie) were fortunate to  gain a win (10-8) over Team Dunbar, having trailed for much of the game.

In the final on Thursday evening, Hunter & Co took a single in the first end against the hammer, with John J making a fine last shot to reduce the damage from two.  A poor first shot in the second end by Hunter gave John J an opportunity to remove the opposition counter which he did, and subsequently went on to get a four.  The response from Hunter & Co in the third end was immediate, taking back a four with four shots to the four-foot.  The fourth end was pivotal, John J was left facing five stones spread around the front half of the house; he opted for a back ring weighted inwick but just missed his target stone and ran out.  Hunter & Co applied significant pressure in the fifth end, but John J was able to take a single with a fine angled raise to the four-foot.  On to the sixth end, Hunter & Co played conservatively, not pressing too hard when lying with 3 second counting shots.  On to the final end; Jim Hume started things well for Team Jacobs lying with two touching stones in front of the four-foot.  Jean Noble played a nice tap back on these stones moving both of them to the outer circle at the back on either side of the house.  Shots were exchanged but Hunter & Co managed to keep a counter fairly central in the house.  John J converted this into a final position where he was lying two at the back of the four-foot; Hunter played a draw to these stones to take the game (11-6).

Congratulations to Ken, Craig Brown, Carol Fleming (Subbed on the night by Alex Moir), and Jean Noble.  Commiserations to Team Jacobs who had a good competition, playing well as a unit throughout.  They were also the only team that played all of their games without a substitute!

Opening Bonspiel 2018-19

Our domestic programme got off to a start with the Opening Bonspiel on Sunday 23 September.  Twenty four members turned out for a friendly get together and afternoon of sport.  The six teams each played one end against the other teams and finished off with an extra end before retiring for a well earned refreshment.

Members went on to enjoy a meal together in the ECC Club Rooms.  President Christine thanked everyone for participating in this initial event, and also thanked the Social Sub-committee and the various parties at the Ice Rink for their part in a fine afternoon.  Ian Neil, the sponsor, then presented the prizes for the bonspiel;  The ‘Foundation’ team were up first, Reg Dunbar, Mike Mauchline, Ian Neil, and Aileen Beaton.  Next up were the winners on +10 shots, Iain Scott, Margaret Carr, Elaine Lambie, and Jim Hume.

Finally Alister McDonald had samples of the latest range of Club Clothing for members to inspect.  If you are interested in obtaining garments then please get in touch with Alister (he has already Emailed you all with details and an order form) as soon as possible.  The initial order will probably be placed in about two weeks time.

Croquet Outing 2018

Members and guests arrived early at Penicuik House on Saturday afternoon (14 July) to enjoy a Pimms and nibbles before skills were tested at croquet.  The games were played out in good  humour on a splendidly warm and sunny afternoon.  After five rounds, with the obligatory interludes for picnics and further refreshments, two teams were tied at first place, Iain Scott & Janette Lambie and John Jacobs & Fiona Dunbar.  The play off was won by Iain & Janette, so well done to them.  President Christine thanked everyone for coming along and making it a great event, and Kirsten awarded the prizes.

Thanks must go to the organisers, Carol Fleming and Kirsten Mauchline from the Social Sub-committee.

Photographs can be viewed on the Social page.