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Second Points

On Sunday 27th February, 9 very keen curlers took to the ice for the Second Points Competition, and what an exciting one it turned out to be.

Those playing in order were Reg, David Gillespie, Craig, Dave Anderson, Norrie, John, Keith, Roger and myself.

Reg got play off to a good start in the first discipline ‘Striking’, where everyone managed a reasonable score but only two achieved the maximum 8 points – Craig and Jean with her trusty cue. Thereafter, play continued on quite fast and tricky ice through ‘Inwicking’, ‘Drawing’ then ‘Guarding’ with all players picking up points on the way, until at the half way mark John was leading on 20 points with Craig a close second on 19 points. Keith and Dave were not far behind on 16.

After completing ”Chap and Lie’, the ‘Wick and Curl In’ discipline proved to be the most challenging. Norrie managed a creditable 4 points but others scored 1,2 or nothing at all. The bell rang just as the 7th discipline ‘Raising’ was finished, so the decision was taken to continue with the 8th, ‘Chipping the Winner’. At this stage Craig had overtaken John with 30 points against 27. Craig immediately increased the pressure by scoring a further 5 to total 35, leaving John having to make the maximum to tie. Watched by his curling colleagues, John’s competitive spirit went into overdrive and he played 4 fantastic stones to take 8 and equal Craig’s score, thus forcing a play-off.

With the next session due to start, Stuart the iceman kindly gave permission for Craig and John to play the ‘Outwicking’ decider up and down one sheet. Unbelievably, after playing another 4 stones each, both still remained equal after scoring a single each.  It was therefore time to ‘Draw the House’ so, with Roger grabbing the measure, the opponents prepared for the final decider.

John was first up but incredibly left his stone short whilst, with tension mounting, Craig’s stone went out the back of the house. However, on the backward ice, both players successfully ‘drew the house’. Roger armed with his trusty measure finally declared John the winner.

What a Competition! It had to be the most exciting Points for a long time. and many congratulations to John and Craig for competing to the very end. Thanks also to everyone else who took part and made it such a fun afternoon.

Final scores.

Report by Jean Noblemore photos available in Gallery.

Merchiston Team Points

On a cold and blustery evening on 16th February, 8 members from Penicuik and 8 members from Merchiston gathered at Murrayfield to compete in the 2022 edition of the Merchiston Team Points.  Unfortunately, before any play could begin, Penicuik had an unavoidable last-minute call-off reducing their ranks to 7 players.  Several suggestions for a work-around were made; the one proposed by Merchiston (and arguably the simplest), was to apply a correction for the missing player, ie. divide Penicuik’s score by 7 and multiply by 8 (essentially adding the score of one ‘average’ Penicuik player). With this agreed, the match started…

Immediately, Merchiston took a commanding lead after the opening discipline (Striking) one where Penicuik is historically the stronger team – not tonight!  (15 v 24).  Over the next four disciplines (Inwicking, Drawing, Guarding, Chap & Lie) scores were close between the teams, seeing Merchiston retaining a 10 point lead (before any correction was applied)

The 6th discipline (Wick-in-and-Curl), was to become a decisive end where the momentum swung; Penicuik scored 9 vs Merchiston’s 1.  This saw Penicuik close the ‘un-corrected’ gap to just 2 points; (69 v 71).  Then came the close fought run to the finish (Raising, Chip the Winner, Draw thro’ the Port, and Outwicking). In the last two disciplines only one stone was played instead of two as the bell had technically gone.

Scores on the ice (before any correction applied) – Penicuik 105 v Merchiston 104. With post-match correction, Penicuik received another 15 points so Penicuik 120 v Merchiston 104

As ever the match, whilst competitive, was played in good spirits with every good shot being applauded by both sides.  

After the match, both teams retired to the Club Rooms where Chris Morrison of Merchiston gave a brief history of why we compete in this fixture, thanked everyone for giving it their all, and congratulated Penicuik for their latest win!  Iain Scott received the trophy, thanking Merchiston for their spirited efforts, thanked Penicuik for delivering another win and we all look forward to competing again in 2023.

Top scorers on the night –    Craig Brown (25), Iain Scott (20) & Ronnie Hope (17) for Penicuik, and Dave Cunningham (17), Mike Smith (16) and Archie Smith & Chris Morrison (15) for Merchiston.

Line graph denotes cumulative score
Iain receiving the Merchiston Team Points Trophy

Report by Iain Scott.

Club Challenge

The 2nd Club Challenge took place on Saturday 12th February at 2.30pm. The team of Jim Ramsay, Dave Carr, Norrie McLean and Reg Dunbar had challenged the present trophy holders team of Keith Morris, Roger Scott, Martin Hobbs and David Gillespie.

The ice was very slow and straight in the 1st end which caught out a few players with not many stones reaching the front of the house. Keith’s team managed to score a 2 at the 1st end, however Jim came right back to take 2 shots in the 2nd. The ice quickly changed as the game progressed, becoming slick and fast with good draws at controlled weight.

Keith’s team then went on to play some good shots throughout the game, controlling the front of the house after getting the measure of the ice. Jim’s team struggled with the weight leaving him with some very difficult shots to play. All credit to Jim for trying to recruit a good balance of players for the challenge.

Team Morris all played well on the day and retain the trophy with a score of 8-2 (6 -1 in ends), and now look forward to future challenges next season.

Report by Keith Morris

Social Match against New Stones

The evening of 11th February saw 2 teams from Penicuik playing against 2 teams from New Stones in a fun filled and good-natured social match.

Penicuik’s first team was skipped by Barbara, with Les, Alicia and David G supporting, whilst Kirsty skipped the second team of Jim Hume, David B and Jean. Four of our newest members, Jean and Graeme Cassie, Louise and Paul Clapperton played for New Stones along with Alan and Susan Gill, Saho Arakawa and Nicki Cassie.  

Penicuik’s rinks swapped ice half way, and although scores for each end didn’t really matter at the end of the day, teams did make a half-hearted attempt at keeping the cards updated. It’s fair to say that New Stones were understandably outplayed although there were some great shots from both sides, maybe a few wilder ones, but we all managed to come off the ice unscathed after a fun night’s curling.

As is customary, we retired upstairs to continue the socialising over a drink and chat. Hopefully, we have achieved our aim, made some new friends, and shown New Stones players what a friendly club we are, in the hope that those who haven’t already done so may seriously consider joining Penicuik in the future.

Report by Jean Noble

British Heart Foundation Bonspiel

On Friday 11th Feb Pam, Norrie and Reg and myself (Liz) represented Penicuik CC in the British Heart Foundation Bonspiel.

We played Pentland Ladies who were very good company even though they beat us 8-5.  The Penicuik team played well and enjoyed the game.

The Lennie Brown trophy was won by Iain Starky and his team from Cramond Curling Club. Just under £800 was raised for the British Heart Foundation.

Report by Liz Anderson

Knockout Competition

The Final of the Knockout Competition will take place on 27th February at 3.00pm. Team Anderson will meet Team Brown in what is guaranteed to be a very closely contested match.

Earlier, in an exciting Quarter Final match on 4th February where Team Scott met Team Carr, the scores were level at 6 each after 4 ends. Iain’s rink had taken a 2 at the first, then Dave’s rink an amazing 5 at the second, before Iain responded with a 4 at the third, and Dave with a single at the fourth end. Scores were 8 each after 7 ends, and so the two Skips had to ‘draw the house’, resulting in a win for Team Scott.

In the Semi Finals, Team Scott came up against Team Anderson in another very competitive game with teams level at 6 each after 5 ends. Iain’s rink then took a single at the penultimate end, and with Dave sitting 1 and his last stone still to play, all the pressure was on him to prevent another ‘drawing of the house’ by the Skips to settle the match. However, Dave was up to the task and triumphed with a great final shot to take the 2, winning 8-7 and progressing to the Final.

In the second Semi, Team Ramsay (skipped by Ronnie Hope in Jim’s absence) met Team Brown. This was a more clear cut result with Craig’s rink taking an early 4-0 lead after two ends, and although Team Ramsay clawed back a 2 in the third and then a 1 in the sixth, by this time Craig had increased his lead to 7-3. The final score of 9-3 to Craig’s rink didn’t really reflect the closeness of the game, although Team Ramsay never really got into their stride against better playing opposition. Team Brown will now play against Anderson in the Final.

Report by Jean Noble

King George 1V

On Friday 4th February Penicuik CC played in the Quarter Finals of the King George 1V Competition.

Keith Morris lead his team of David Gillespie, Reg Dunbar and Kirsty McWilliam against good-natured opposition from DAFS, but unfortunately lost a 4 in the first end. Fighting back to win 4 out of the 7 ends, Penicuik couldn’t quite catch up and lost with a final score of 10-8 to DAFS with players looking forward eagerly to next year’s competition.

Report by David Gillespie

West Linton Challenge Match

The traditional challenge match against West Linton took place on the evening of Thursday 3rd February and it was great to meet up with old friends again after missing the event last season.

Penicuik’s first rink of Dave Carr, Roger Scott, Craig Brown and Margaret Carr were up against worthy opponents skipped by Chris McDonald, whilst Jim Ramsay lead his team of Liz Anderson, Jean Noble and Ronnie Hope against another strong rink skipped by John Dykes.

Competition was fierce, and after three ends both games were level at 5-5, and 2-2 respectively. Play continued to ebb and flow with some big end scores in Dave’s game, and the score once again level at 5-5 in Jim’s match with the last end left to play. The outcome was far from certain but Penicuik came out eventual winners with final scores of 9-7 for Dave’s rink and 7-5 for Jim’s.

As always, both matches were played in the best spirit of friendly rivalry, and after retiring to the club rooms for a drink and chat, Chris presented the West Linton Challenge Trophy to Dave who graciously accepted it on behalf of all the Penicuik players. Jean thanked Mairi McDonald, Secretary, and the West Linton players for their kind invitation and said how much we had enjoyed the game and would look forward to playing again next season.

Report by Jean Noble

Chris presenting Dave with Challenge Trophy

Kettle Winners 2021-22

Many congratulations to Skip Dave Anderson and his rink of Liz Anderson, Jim Hume and Ian Neil who are the 2021-22 Kettle Competition Winners.

After building up a seemingly unassailable lead right from the start, the Anderson rink were, in the end, unbeatable although the final result was much closer than expected in a very well fought competition. After the final match lost against Team Ramsay, Dave’s rink won by just 1 clear point over Team Hope.

After all the uncertainty and special measures over the last 2 years, it is fantastic to get our first competition of the season completed, so many thanks to all who played and once again many congratulations to Dave and his team.

Report by Jean Noble