Second Points

On Sunday 27th February, 9 very keen curlers took to the ice for the Second Points Competition, and what an exciting one it turned out to be.

Those playing in order were Reg, David Gillespie, Craig, Dave Anderson, Norrie, John, Keith, Roger and myself.

Reg got play off to a good start in the first discipline ‘Striking’, where everyone managed a reasonable score but only two achieved the maximum 8 points – Craig and Jean with her trusty cue. Thereafter, play continued on quite fast and tricky ice through ‘Inwicking’, ‘Drawing’ then ‘Guarding’ with all players picking up points on the way, until at the half way mark John was leading on 20 points with Craig a close second on 19 points. Keith and Dave were not far behind on 16.

After completing ”Chap and Lie’, the ‘Wick and Curl In’ discipline proved to be the most challenging. Norrie managed a creditable 4 points but others scored 1,2 or nothing at all. The bell rang just as the 7th discipline ‘Raising’ was finished, so the decision was taken to continue with the 8th, ‘Chipping the Winner’. At this stage Craig had overtaken John with 30 points against 27. Craig immediately increased the pressure by scoring a further 5 to total 35, leaving John having to make the maximum to tie. Watched by his curling colleagues, John’s competitive spirit went into overdrive and he played 4 fantastic stones to take 8 and equal Craig’s score, thus forcing a play-off.

With the next session due to start, Stuart the iceman kindly gave permission for Craig and John to play the ‘Outwicking’ decider up and down one sheet. Unbelievably, after playing another 4 stones each, both still remained equal after scoring a single each.  It was therefore time to ‘Draw the House’ so, with Roger grabbing the measure, the opponents prepared for the final decider.

John was first up but incredibly left his stone short whilst, with tension mounting, Craig’s stone went out the back of the house. However, on the backward ice, both players successfully ‘drew the house’. Roger armed with his trusty measure finally declared John the winner.

What a Competition! It had to be the most exciting Points for a long time. and many congratulations to John and Craig for competing to the very end. Thanks also to everyone else who took part and made it such a fun afternoon.

Final scores.

Report by Jean Noblemore photos available in Gallery.