Merchiston Team Points

On a cold and blustery evening on 16th February, 8 members from Penicuik and 8 members from Merchiston gathered at Murrayfield to compete in the 2022 edition of the Merchiston Team Points.  Unfortunately, before any play could begin, Penicuik had an unavoidable last-minute call-off reducing their ranks to 7 players.  Several suggestions for a work-around were made; the one proposed by Merchiston (and arguably the simplest), was to apply a correction for the missing player, ie. divide Penicuik’s score by 7 and multiply by 8 (essentially adding the score of one ‘average’ Penicuik player). With this agreed, the match started…

Immediately, Merchiston took a commanding lead after the opening discipline (Striking) one where Penicuik is historically the stronger team – not tonight!  (15 v 24).  Over the next four disciplines (Inwicking, Drawing, Guarding, Chap & Lie) scores were close between the teams, seeing Merchiston retaining a 10 point lead (before any correction was applied)

The 6th discipline (Wick-in-and-Curl), was to become a decisive end where the momentum swung; Penicuik scored 9 vs Merchiston’s 1.  This saw Penicuik close the ‘un-corrected’ gap to just 2 points; (69 v 71).  Then came the close fought run to the finish (Raising, Chip the Winner, Draw thro’ the Port, and Outwicking). In the last two disciplines only one stone was played instead of two as the bell had technically gone.

Scores on the ice (before any correction applied) – Penicuik 105 v Merchiston 104. With post-match correction, Penicuik received another 15 points so Penicuik 120 v Merchiston 104

As ever the match, whilst competitive, was played in good spirits with every good shot being applauded by both sides.  

After the match, both teams retired to the Club Rooms where Chris Morrison of Merchiston gave a brief history of why we compete in this fixture, thanked everyone for giving it their all, and congratulated Penicuik for their latest win!  Iain Scott received the trophy, thanking Merchiston for their spirited efforts, thanked Penicuik for delivering another win and we all look forward to competing again in 2023.

Top scorers on the night –    Craig Brown (25), Iain Scott (20) & Ronnie Hope (17) for Penicuik, and Dave Cunningham (17), Mike Smith (16) and Archie Smith & Chris Morrison (15) for Merchiston.

Line graph denotes cumulative score
Iain receiving the Merchiston Team Points Trophy

Report by Iain Scott.