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EICG 2016

The Edinburgh International Curler’s Gathering took place at Murrayfield over the weekend 18-20 March.  Whilst this event is not an official part of the club season, it is run by members of our club.  Fourteen overseas teams arrived from Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland to join fourteen home teams.  The top group prize went to Limmattal 1 from Switzerland, and Canadian teams took the prizes for Group D and Group G.  In their games, The Penicuik team featured Dave Carr, Jim Ramsay, Andrew Lambie, Jean Lennie, Margaret Carr, John Glidden, Roger Scott, Ian Neil, Alicia Neil, and Elaine Lambie.   In the final stages they met ‘The Roaring Stones’, a team made up from other Penicuik members, and as you might expect this turned to be a very close  encounter.  

Jim Cowper volunteered to lead in one game for King Midas from Norway; Reg Dunbar played 5 games at lead for The Eh Team (Canada) with Ken Hunter substituting for him in the final game.

Your Reporter would like to thank all of the members who so willingly gave up time to help out with transport, carry out reception duties, assist in monitoring the scoring, and sell raffle tickets to raise funds for next year’s event.  The success of the Gathering is down to you.

Closing Bonspiel

The 2015-16 season wound up with the Closing Bonspiel on Wednesday evening (23 March).  Eight teams played 6 of the other teams in single end games.  A three-member team skipped by Iain Scott ran out clear winners on +17 shots; well done Iain, Jim Cowper, and Christine Hope.  Afterwards members joined together for the prize-giving and to share a meal together.

Kettle League

The outcome of the long campaign to gain the Kettle was resolved last night (8 Mar).  Team Hope met Team Hunter with the latter only requiring one point to take the Kettle.  Team Hope faired better in the early jousting, taking a two in the first end and leaving their opponents struggling somewhat in the second end; only a last stone hit and wick to the four foot saved the day for Team Hunter who took a two.  Team Hunter then stole a two, before Team Hope responded with two singles in the next two ends to tie the game at 4 – 4  after five ends.  Team Hunter took two singles in the last two ends to run out winner by six shots to 4.

Congratulations to Liz Anderson, Robert Beaton, and Elaine Lambie.

Pairs Competition

The Pairs competition was played on Sunday (6 Mar).  The early stages of the competition were beset by unexpected transport issues which left some players gridlocked in Baberton Estate and regrettably arriving late.  As we play four ends of three stones per player,  the lost ground was made up in the course of the event. 

Games were played on sheets 6 & 7.  Sheet 6 had a big swing on one side but was quite consistent.  Sheet 7 was a lot trickier, with a slight fall back near the centre going to the bar, and largely straight or negative ice on the wall side going both ways.  Unfortunately both finals ended up being played on this sheet.

In the first round matches, Morris & Carr just pipped Hope & Gillespie, and together with Alexander & Lambie, Hunter & Carr, and Lambie & Scott, progressed to the High Road.  In the Low Road semi-finals Hope & Gillespie went through against Jacobs and partner, and the Ramsays enjoyed a good victory over Dunbar & Ballantyne.  In the High Road semi-finals Morris & Carr ovecame Alexander & Lambie in the final end, and Hunter & Carr carried the day against Lambie & Scott.

The Ramsays dominated the game in the Low Road final, making life very difficult for opponents Ronnie and David, who got close on a number of occasions but just failed to gain any advantage.  The Ramsays ran out winners by eight shots to nil.  Congratulations to Jim and Pam.

In the High Road final, Morris & Carr were fast out of the blocks taking a three in the first end. They added to their opponents problems in the second end when a measure between two stones cutting the four foot went their way.  Hunter & Carr came back in the third end with a two, and then stole another two in the fourth end to tie the game at four all.  In the fifth end, Keith was left with a draw against three opposition counters (all in the outer circle), and with excellent sweeping by Margaret just managed to take shot at the front of the house by the narrowest of margins.  Margaret’s first stone in the sixth and final end picked up and skewed short well to the right hand side of the house.  The front of the house was then dominated with short stones.  Ken attempted to remove the nearest of these, the only opposition stone, but played too heavily and the stone fell out to just nick the target stone and move it right across the house to count in the outer circle near the tee line.  Margaret’s first stone that had picked up was covering a direct out-turn strike option.  Morris and Carr decided to place a shorter stone on the straight side.  Hunter & Carr attempted an in-turn tap back from the centre on the singleton opposition counter, but too much ice, too fast, whichever, it caught a front stone.  Keith then played to cover that side of the house but went deep ending inside and slightly behind his original counter, widening the potential target.  With his final stone, Ken played an in-turn, back ring, tap back to take shot and tie the match at five all.  So onto the sudden death of drawing the house.  Hunter & Carr played first, and a killer shot to the pot lid left Morris & Carr with the difficult task of having to cover the centre hole on the pot lid to force a second round of shots. Their draw shot did not achieve this, so after a very close match Ken Hunter & Dave Carr carried the day.

Waldie Griffith

Midlothian met West of Fife Province at Kirkcaldy on Wednesday afternoon in the inter-province Waldie Griffith match.  Penicuik was one of four teams representing Midlothian; the other teams were Carrington, DAFS, and Midcalder.  The outcome of the match is determined by the aggregate shots up of the participating provinces, so it is important to maintain a view of the overall match rather than just your own game.  Andrew Lambie skipped the Penicuik rink, with Ken Hunter, Jim Ramsay, and John Glidden.  Penicuik were drawn against Borland CC.  

The ice at Kirkcaldy has a reputation for being quite tricky at times, and so it proved with fall backs in places and very slippery conditions underfoot.  Penicuik lost a two at the first end, but came back with singles and a two to go 4-2 up.  Regrettably we then conceded a four and eventually went into the final end 8-5 down.  Skip Lambie set up a winning position with four counting shots but the opposition Skip, with the final shot of the game, wicked in off an outside stone to cut us back to a single; final score 8-6 down.

DAFS faired better and gained a six shot victory against Dunfermline to end as the top scoring team on the day.  Overall Midlothian managed to win the match, which is a good achievement at Kirkcaldy.

Social Match with 37 Club

The first social fixture between the two clubs was played on Monday evening (29 Feb).  Jim Ramsay skipped the Penicuik rink, with Ken Hunter, Dave Carr, and Ronnie Hope.  The 37 Club rink was skipped by Mike Williamson, supported by Mike Wilkinson, Alastair Hay, and Eric Leslie.

37 Club Match_001

The respective participants were all well known to each other and as a result the game, whilst competitive, was played in a most cordial spirit.  Afterwards the players shared a refreshment together in the Edinburgh Curling Club Bar, engaging in general chat about curling and club matters.  The discussion eventually touched on the future of this new fixture, and it was agreed that ice should be sought for a double rink match next season.