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Edinburgh International Curlers’ Gathering 2018

The Gathering organised by Penicuik Curling Club members was held over the weekend 23-25 March.  It turned out to be particularly successful.  Yet again Penicuik turned out an ‘A’ team to run the event.  Barbara Gillespie and Janette Lambie manned the Registration Desk on the Friday and supported the rest of the team throughout the weekend.  Christine Hope and Pam Ramsay carried out a multi-faceted fund raising campaign with their customary skill and success.  Pam aided by Chris managed the changeover of names on the scoreboards.  Pam always seemed to know when teams required substitutes and did her best to sort things out.  Jean Noble and Linda Hunter took charge of the important scoring task.  Jim Ramsay made sure that we delivered transport where and when we had to, and was an excellent MC at the Dinner/Ceilidh and at the prize giving.

This year we had 15 overseas teams, from Canada, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland, in the competition.  Penicuik played Niederdorf Old Boys, SUI Wuest, and DAFS in the Preliminary Group Stage.  After winning two games they ended up in Final Group C.  The Roaring Stones (aka Penicuik 2) played Balfron Wolves, Lausanne Easy Curlers, and Moosehorn IF in their Preliminary Group, and again after winning two of these games ended up in Final Group C.  The two Penicuik teams both lost to Slajding Bois who went on the win Group C.  The final game of the weekend involved a head-to-head meeting of the two Penicuik teams.  The result was a narrow win for The Roaring Stones, reversing the outcome of the same tie in last years’ event.  So no prize, but bragging rights for The Roaring Stones this time.

The Penicuik team over the weekend was skipped by Dave Anderson, with Andrew Lambie at Third, and other players drawn from John Glidden, Reg Dunbar, Liz Anderson, Ken Hunter, Craig Brown, and David Gillespie.  The Roaring Stones team comprised Murray Hope, Jim Ramsay, Robert Beaton, Ronnie Hope, and John Jacobs.  Jim Cowper played with Corriefisters, and Kirsty McWilliams helped out a Canadian team on the Sunday.

As well as raising funds to support the Gathering, Christine and Pam raised over £500 per the Curl Edinburgh 2018 appeal by raffling a jacket that Eve Muirhead had donated to Pam.  What a magnificent achievement.

A selection of photographs can be viewed on a sub-page of the Gallery.

Closing Bonspiel

The Club season terminated with a bonspiel on Wednesday 28 March.  Six teams were drawn to play in  single games where the players rotated rink position throughout their tie.  Perhaps surprisingly, the spread of results (shots up) was relatively narrow with the eventual winners on +2, and the ‘Foundation Team’ on -1.  The winners were  Jim Ramsay, Liz Anderson, Elaine Lambie, and Vic Ramage; the ‘Foundation Team’ consisted of Margaret Carr, Ronnie Hope, and Barbara Gillespie.

After a refreshment and a supper in the ECC dining room, the trophy and prizes were presented by the sponsor, Jean Lennie.

Kettle Decider

The outcome of the Kettle League was decided yesterday evening by the game between Team Lambie and Team Ramsay.  Team Lambie enjoyed a decisive win, making them the champions for 2017-18.

Congratulations to Andrew and his team of Ronnie Hope, David Gillespie, and Elaine Lambie.

Midlothian Province League

Province League Division 2
The final league games of Province League division 2 were played last night. Although the top two positions (Currie/Balerno and 37 Club) were unassailable, the remaining positions depended very much on how the other games played out to determine which of the three teams on 6 points (including Penicuik) and the two teams on 4 points, joined Stewart’s Melville in the relegation position.
Having played 37 Club the night before and being soundly beaten, we were not confident about the outcome and after 4 ends we were 4 shots to 1 against, but we rallied and won the next three ends stealing a three on the last end to win the game by 6 shots to 4 thereby securing third place in the league.  A good effort!
Well played over the season, the squad of Murray Hope, Iain Scott, John Jacobs, Robert Beaton and Dave Anderson .
D Anderson

37 Club Annual Challenge Match

Penicuik met our friends from 37 Club for a double rink match on Monday 19 March.  The Penicuik Teams were Jim Ramsay, Dave Anderson, Robert Beaton, and John Glidden; and Andrew Lambie, Keith Morris, Ken Hunter, and Ronnie Hope.  Team A (Ramsay) got off to a slow start but recovered to end their game 3-5 down.  Team B started with a three in the first end but ran out 3-10 down.

Congratulations to 37 Club on a second consecutive win in the challenge.



Intermediate Points 2017-18

Nine members contested the medal for the Intermediate Points yesterday evening (13 March).   Seven disciplines were completed, with Wick & Curl In being omitted.  Craig Brown established a narrow lead from the early stages and managed to hold on to win the medal on 26 points.  Barbara Gillespie emerged from the chasing pack to finish second on 23 Points, and Vic Ramage came in third on 21 points.  Barbara, along with Janette Lambie and Jean Noble, scored at each of the disciplines played. 

Thirds League

In the Thirds League games this evening (Monday 12 March) Team Beaton had a win over Team Carr and thereby established themselves as league winners with one game still to play.

Congratulations to Robert and his team of Christine Hope, Barbara Gillespie, and Jim Hume.

Pairs 2017-18

The Pairs competition was played out on Sunday 11 March.  Teams Carr & Lambie, Hope & Moir, Hope & Ramage, and Lambie & Brown won through the preliminary skirmishes to go into the High Road.

In the Low Road, Hunter & Beaton beat Anderson & Ramsay, and Ramsay & Anderson beat Scott & Carr to reach the final.  Hunter & Beaton stole successive singles in the first three ends of the final to lead 3-0.  Ramsay & Anderson conceded when their fourth stone draw went through with Hunter & Beaton lying two at the front of the outer circle.

In the High Road, there was a tight tussle between  Hope & Moir and Carr  & Lambie with the advantage going to Hope & Moir in the fourth end.  In the other semi-final Hope & Ramage pressurised Lambie & Brown in the early ends but ultimately lost out in the fourth end.  Lambie & Brown took first blood in the final with a three in end one.  Hope & Moir responded with a single in the second end, but yielded a two to their opponents in the third.   Hope & Moir took another  single in the fourth end, and followed it up with a steal of two in the fifth end to go into the final end 4-5 down.  Lambie & Brown succeeded in setting up a strong position in the final end and prevailed to win the competition (7-4).

Historical Link

In late February Jean Allan of Dundee sent an enquiry to the Club via our web site.

I have a small curling stone that belong to my late father. It is inscribed – Presented by the Dowager Lady Clerk and on the base – Won by T Brown 1893. Wondered if you have information about this little stone.  Would be very grateful if you could let me know anything about it.

We were able to reply as follows;

The trophy that you hold was provided by the Dowager Lady Clerk for a Penicuik Curling Club competition played on 13 January 1893, probably on the Low Pond on Penicuik House Estate.  Four rinks played against each other on a knock-out basis, with the rink skipped by Thomas Tudhope winning.  The four members of that rink then played off at Points to establish an individual winner of the trophy.  Thomas Brown who played at Third in the rink was the eventual winner after an extra end at Striking.  Our minutes indicate that the trophy was presented the following day at Monks Burn, whilst the Club members were on route to play West Linton.

Mr Brown appears to have joined Penicuik Curling Club in 1883 and remained a member until 1900.  He became a Skip for some competitions and there are a number of specific references in our minutes particularly for the year 1892.  These minutes can be accessed via the History page of our web site.

Jean Allan subsequently replied to indicate that Thomas Brown was her grandfather, and that he had lived at Monks Burn Cottage, Nine Mile Burn. Mr Brown was born in 1847 and passed away in 1902 at the age of 54.  Another Thomas Brown, who was a member of the Club between 1824 and 1846, may be Jean’s great-grandfather. 

See photograph on Gallery Page

Re-arranged Games

Three Kettle Leagues games were call off due to adverse weather conditions on Wednesday 28 February.

The game between Team Dunbar and Team Ramsay has been re-scheduled for Friday 9 March (5.30pm).  The other two games (Lambie v Anderson, Hunter v Brown) will be played on part of the ice allocated for the Closing Bonspiel on Wednesday 28 March (5.30pm).