Monthly Archives: February 2017

Second Points Competition

The Second Points Competition was played out on Wednesday 22 February, with nine members setting out to try and gain the medal.  Fastest out of the blocks in the first two disciples was Dave Anderson, but his lead was clawed back somewhat in the next two disciples.  Chap & Lie was perhaps the pivotal disciple with John Jacobs scoring a maximum eight to go into a one point overall lead.  John managed to hang on and finish on a total of 35 points (8 disciples), with Dave Anderson close behind on 33 points, and Iain Scott in third place on 30 points.

Congratulations to John, and well done to the others who all managed good scores on tricky ice.

Merchiston Team Points Match 2017

Our forces mobilised on Sunday 5 February ready to take on our adversary of old, Merchiston, in the annual Team Points Match.  Elements of our famed ‘Old Guard’ were not able to take the field and provide the benefit of their long battle experience; and one of our front line units was on overseas duty in the Americas.  The formation for the evening was Keith Morris, John Jacobs, Dave Anderson, Ronnie Hope, Iain Scott, Reg Dunbar, Ken Hunter, and Jim Cowper.

Our initial assault (striking) was highly successful, dealing our opponents a heavy blow.  Our attack continued with a decisive gain at In-wicking.  At the slower pace of Drawing and Guarding, our troops again showed their mettle with steady advances.  A counter thrust in the next disciple (Chap and Lie) saw our opponents regain some ground; perhaps tactically more of our units should have used the out-turn.  Neither side were able to make much at the Wick and Curl In, the ice was negative on the direct out-turn approach, and Raising ended in a stalemate.  Merchiston showed the quality of their play extracting a strong gain at Chipping the Winner, but it was too little too late; Penicuik took the day with a total score of 112 to 97.

As usual this was a great evening, played in the warmest atmosphere of friendship, with all participants applauding every good shot no matter who had played it.  The top scorer for Penicuik was Dave Anderson on 19, followed by Ken Hunter (17), and Ronnie Hope (16).  The top scorer for Merchiston was Avril Anderson on 15, followed by Keith Anderson and David Cunningham (both on 14).


King George Exit

After a flying start against Musselburgh in the first round, the chickens came home to roost on Friday 3rd January, when they were shot out of the sky by a strong 37 Club rink.  Penicuik failed to take advantage of the very few opportunities gifted to them by slack opposition play, and were severely punished for it. The final score of 13 – 2 slightly flattered 37 Club, but in truth on the night Penicuik’s rink of John Jacobs, Keith Morris, Roger Scott and Ronnie Hope fell short of the standard required to match the quality of the opposition clubs now entered in the King George IV.  We were sent homewards to think again!

Ronnie Hope