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Midlothian Province Bonspiel 2017

The Province Bonspiel was contested throughout the day on Monday 30 January.  

Penicuik 1 v Edinburgh Ladies

Tom Alexander, Reg Dunbar, Dave Carr, and Jim Cowper took to the field in our first tie of the day at 10.00am.  An independent report indicated that the game was tightly contested with some good curling from both teams.  The final result was a 6-6 draw.

Penicuik 2 v Musselburgh

Ken Hunter, Andrew Lambie, Roger Scott, and Margaret Carr took on our second opponent of the day at 2.00pm.  Our team played well as individuals and as a unit, making life easy for the Skip.  An early lead of 5 shots after two ends got Penicuik off to a good start and we remained on the front foot throughout the remainder of the game to win 12-2.

Penicuik 3 v Edinburgh Rotary

Dave Anderson, Murray Hope, Iain Scott and John Jacobs met our third and final opponents of the day at 6.00pm.  The game ended as a peel.

West Linton Challenge Match 2017

The annual match between Penicuik and West Linton was played on Friday 27th January.  As usual it was a competitive but friendly encounter.

Dave Carr, Andrew Lambie, Margaret Carr and Janette Lambie played against Shone Watt, Barbara Watt, Chris McDonald and Ray Edwards; with Liz Anderson, Ronnie Hope, Pam Ramsay and Christine Hope taking on John Dykes, Sandy Anderson, Jan Murray and Mhairi McDonald.
In the first game Penicuik built up a good lead of 6-0. The front end playing very well, leaving the Third and Skip to play guards. West Linton came back with a 3 at the sixth end.
The second game was closer, with ones and a two being exchanged to give West Linton a 5-2 lead after 6 ends.  

So it was all on the last end of the two games!!!  Liz won a single  to make the final score 5-3 in favour of West Linton.  In the other game, Shona was half an inch short with her draw attempt so Dave Carr did not have to play his last shot in gaining a 7-3 win, giving Penicuik overall victory in the match by 10 shots to 8.

We all adjourned upstairs for very pleasant chat and refreshments. Last year’s winner, Jan Murray, presented the glass trophy to Dave Carr.

Dave Carr

Social Fixtures

The Club played three games against invited opposition on Friday 20 January.

Penicuik v Partick

This game was played in excellent spirit with Dave Anderson, Liz Anderson, Peter Occleston and Pam Ramsay pitted against the Partick Vice-President Robbie Wishart (Liz’s cousin), Duncan McColl, Heather Parton and May Morris.  On Robbie’s suggestion we decided to rotate the rinks after each 2 ends which added much to the enjoyment of the evening.  It was clear from the start that this was not going to be an easy game as the Partick front end found their weight from the off and we needed to be on our mettle to keep the score to 1 shot to Partick. The second, third and fourth ends were equally competitive which went with the hammer with singles scored at each end. Following a good hit and roll from Peter we managed a shot against the hammer in the fifth but Partick came back with a single in the sixth. Penicuik managed a few good draws and following an unfortunate last stone from Partick whilst we were lying four shots up we managed through a changing hand to push their stone out to finish with a six, a result (9-3) which did not reflect the game.  Many thanks to the members of Partick Curling Club for an excellent evening of good curling and good fun.

Dave Anderson

Penicuik v SIAE

Penicuik Team 3 (Iain Scott, Roger Scott, Dave Carr and Vic Ramage) played against SIAE (Mike Vetch, Maureen McCulloch, Morna Findlay and David Cunningham).
With Vic getting his weight very quickly, Penicuik got off to a good start with a single followed by a 4. On the 3rd end, the SIAE skip was unlucky and took out their stone to give Penicuik a 6. This really ended the contest and the remaining ends were split evenly with Penicuik winning 14-3. All players were ready to play their stones and so play was continuous and we easily managed to play 8 ends. 8 ends used to be common, so it shows that it can still be done.
After the game, we adjourned upstairs for pleasant conversation and refreshments.

Dave Carr

Penicuik v Inverkeithing

Penicuik Team 2 (John Jacobs, Ronnie Hope, Reg Dunbar and Alister McDonald) played against Inverkeithing CC (Robert Smith, Collin Blyth, Phil Slater and Nigel Patterson).

A very good natured and competitive game with Phil and his team ended with a win (10-6) for Inverkeithing CC.  From the first end, Inverkeithing played a fairly aggressive hitting game from lead through to skip, missing very little!  Penicuik struggled with straight ice over the first couple of ends before fighting back to make a good contest going into last end; where the hitting game from Inverkeithing prevailed again, with some exciting difficult take out shots undoing the excellent play from the front end of Penicuik.

Afterwards we had a really enjoyable discussion about the game and the merits of Murrayfield Curling Rink.  They were all extremely happy, and also praised the standard of ice at Kinross where they play majority of their games now.  We agreed and shared our experiences of our recent Away Day there.

John Jacobs

Rink Championship

Penicuik met Carrington in the quarter final round of the 2016-17 RCCC Rink Championship on Saturday afternoon.  The Carrington team of Trevor Dodds, Mike Dick, Lindsay Scotland, and Katherine Dick had beaten Stray Dogs in the previous round, whilst Penicuik had a bye.  The Penicuik team was Ken Hunter, Dave Anderson, Andrew Lambie, and Iain Scott.

In the first end, Carrington managed to edge a shot stone over behind a group of short stones with their last stone, leaving Penicuik with little chance.  In the second end Penicuik responded by taking a three.  A missed strike with the last stone in the third end gave Carrington the opportunity of a two which they took to level the game at three all.  Penicuik went on to take a single in the fourth end before conceding a two in the fifth end.  The sixth end proved pivotal, Penicuik worked a good final position in a complicated end to lie two, only to then tap a Carrington stone into shot position.  The game ended with a win (8-5) for Carrington.

Afterwards, players from both teams enjoyed a refreshment together upstairs in the bar.  The Carrington team, who had played very well, received best wishes for their match in the semi-final.

Merchiston ‘1816’ Match

Penicuik CC first played Mechiston CC in 1816 and in honour of that occasion, last January, we played a commemorative match (Penicuik won).
As we all enjoyed the match it was decided to make it an annual event. So, on 13th January 2017, we met again, with Keith Anderson, David Cunningham, John Wood and Ross Angus representing Merchiston and Tom Alexander, Iain Scott, Dave Carr and Keith Morris representing Penicuik.
Penicuik got off to a good start with a two then a single. Merchiston came back with a two, but Penicuik went on to win the remaining 4 ends to win 8-2. The result was closer than it seems as on a number of ends the Penicuik winning shot only just beat Merchiston’s stone.
The game was followed by the usual post match drinks in good company.

Scottish Mens Curling Tour to USA

Since 1952 Scotland has played the USA for the Herries Maxwell trophy on a 5-year cycle. The last Scottish tour was in 2007, when Scotland brought back the trophy from the USA. Unfortunately, it was recovered by the USA on their return tour to Scotland in 2012.

2017 is the year for Scotland to travel, and most of our club members will already know that past president Jim Ramsay was selected to play in the Scottish team. Jim will join the other twenty players from all over Scotland on Friday, when they fly off to Chicago to begin their monster expedition.

The tour starts in Chicago, with a practice game on Sunday, January 15th, and finishes off in Boston with the final game and closing banquet at Brookline Country Club on Sunday 5th February. From Chicago, the team will travel as far west as Fargo-Muirhead CC in North Dakota; north to Curl Mesabi Curling Club, close to the Canadian border; and south to the Potomac Curling Club in Maryland.

The Islay Team

The Islay Team

The Scottish team comprises five rinks named after Scottish islands, and Jim is down to play as third in the Islay rink (Rink 5). The tour will visit 27 different clubs, and the Islay rink will play 28 matches over 20 days! The Americans are well known for their generous hospitality and, athough difficult, it will be ill-mannered for the Scots not to reciprocate. It is believed that a little alcoholic beveridge will be involved, (for good fellowship only of course!). Jim is travelling in a private capacity, but as a proud past president of one of the oldest curling clubs in the world, he is sure to spread the word about Penicuik Curling Club and pass on our best wishes to our American brother and sister curlers. We can all follow the tour results on their dedicated website, where full details of the itinerary and tour photos can also be viewed.

 We wish Jim well – just hope he takes plenty embrocation for that dicky knee!

Ronnie Hope

New Year Walk

On a reasonably good (for January) Tuesday morning, a group (22) of members collected together at the Lowries Den entrance to the Penicuik House Estate ready to embark on a walk around the estate to the various ponds that have featured as home ice for the club over the years. This happy bunch were firstly led down to the High Pond which they were able to circumnavigate, with the kind permission of Sir Robert Clerk.  Thereafter the route took the party down towards the Low Pond before striking off over the hill to reach Hurley Pond.  From Hurley it was back to the Low Pond and the Curling House (Pavilion) where members were refreshed with mulled wine and ‘rusty nails’  whilst being offered warm mince pies and other delicacies.  After having been regaled with many stories and facts  from our own historian Jim Cowper, the party followed his suggestion of a return via the Roman bridge and up the hill to the old Penicuik House.

A really nice get together before the club commences the second half of it’s programme.  A special vote of thanks goes to Vice President Christine Hope and her helpers for their preparations.

Some photographs appear on the Social Page; if you have any good photos send them in!