Rink Championship

Penicuik met Carrington in the quarter final round of the 2016-17 RCCC Rink Championship on Saturday afternoon.  The Carrington team of Trevor Dodds, Mike Dick, Lindsay Scotland, and Katherine Dick had beaten Stray Dogs in the previous round, whilst Penicuik had a bye.  The Penicuik team was Ken Hunter, Dave Anderson, Andrew Lambie, and Iain Scott.

In the first end, Carrington managed to edge a shot stone over behind a group of short stones with their last stone, leaving Penicuik with little chance.  In the second end Penicuik responded by taking a three.  A missed strike with the last stone in the third end gave Carrington the opportunity of a two which they took to level the game at three all.  Penicuik went on to take a single in the fourth end before conceding a two in the fifth end.  The sixth end proved pivotal, Penicuik worked a good final position in a complicated end to lie two, only to then tap a Carrington stone into shot position.  The game ended with a win (8-5) for Carrington.

Afterwards, players from both teams enjoyed a refreshment together upstairs in the bar.  The Carrington team, who had played very well, received best wishes for their match in the semi-final.