Monthly Archives: December 2021

First Points Competition

Six members of Penicuik took the ice for the first point competition of the season; one curtailed by COVID, but one that brought opportunity to two Points first timers.  The competition started strongly with three individuals scoring a full 8 points – including first timer Norrie! 

The two ice sheets began to bring their influence as they ran a different speed early on and the amount of swing differed throughout – but as ever – it is the same for all.  As can be seen from the scoring shown in the Competitions page, each member had their good ends and their bad, but from the midpoint it was clear John was the one beat.  But having taking the lead John pulled clear of the pack to become the clear winner; with Craig & Iain a joint but distant second. First timer Norrie was hot on their heels, followed by Neil and a faltering end meant Keith became the ‘strongest’ participant.

Well done to John on his strong performance throughout and we look forward to Norrie and Neil returning in the future!

Report by Iain Scott

Hamish Tait Trophy Winners

Ronnie Hope has very kindly provided an excellent report on the origins of the Hamish Tait Trophy as well as an update on this year’s competition, in the earlier News item posted today. The winners for 2021 were the team from Chartered Surveyors, here seen receiving the trophy.

Chartered Surveyors – Nick Chapman, David Dipping, Martin Hall and Archie Rintoul.

Rink Championship Match

On 27th November, an intrepid group of Penicuik Curlers (Iain S, Jim R, Craig B, Roger S) ventured forth after a ‘bye’ into the Quarter Finals of the Rink Championship and now drawn against Trevor Dodds and his rink from Carrington.  Trevor, on a high from daughter Jennifer’s European success earlier in the day, may have momentarily lost his focus as in End 1 Penicuik, with the hammer, were lying 4 with last stone to play.  A successful draw to the centre of the house got us off to a great start, up 5-0.

Second end quickly became a tense affair with a series of successful draws forming a column of alternating stones spanning the 4 ft. Unfortunately, every subsequent Carrington stone seemed to remove/move the previous Penicuik stones back or out of contention.  

First skip stone from Penicuik was a draw to the back of the 4’ and seemed to have solid backing settling the team nerves.  However, our optimism was short-lived and again the Penicuik stone was somehow removed from contention leaving Carrington stones in play.  Unable to repeat end saving draw with skips second stone, Carrington were able to take a 5 straight back – Ooops!  

End 2: Penicuik 5 v 5 Carrington (afterward this was deemed a very fair & sociable thing to do!)

Competitive play followed with ends that could have gone either way…   End 3: Carrington steal 1,   End 4: Penicuik take 1, End 5: Carrington take 1,   End 6: Penicuik take ‘only’ 1, after a relatively open draw for 2 picked up as it passed the 2nd Hog line. The game is tied going down the last… 

End 7 was played well on both sides and by skips stones, Carrington have a single stone scoring but open to hit. Hit & Stick, Penicuik lie, Hit & Stick, Carrington lie, neither player getting the required roll under cover (Centre line guard in play). Penicuik change tactics and decide to draw around the guard attempting to take shot and put the pressure back on Carrington, however the Ice Gods had other ideas. Another pick-up resulted in the stone pulling across and hitting the guard!!!  Carrington already scoring, had no need to play their last stone.

Final Result – Penicuik 7 – 8 Carrington. Thereafter both teams retired to the bar area for a well-earned drink, and proceeded to watch how curling could be played as Bruce Mouat triumphed over Sweden in the Final of the European Championship.

Report by Iain Scott

King George 1V Trophy

On 4th December, the Penicuik rink skipped by David Gillespie, with Keith Morris, Reg Dunbar and Liz Anderson had a comfortable win over Musselburgh, 8 stones to 1, to get through to the Quarter Finals of this competition.

The next match will be against DAFS on 4th February. Good luck team!

Club Challenge

The third Club Challenge took place on Sunday 5th Dec after a long wait due to the impact of COVID.

A strong team of Craig Brown, Iain Scott, Kirsty McWilliam and Liz Anderson had challenged Andrew Lambie’s team who are the long-standing title holders. Unfortunately, Andrew & Robert Beaton could not play so Keith Morris stepped up to skip the team of Roger Scott, Martin Hobbs and David Gillespie.

Craig’s team got off to a strong start, taking a 3 in the first end with Craig achieving a very impressive wick & curl in. Andrew’s team managed to get the measure of the ice & came back to take a 2 in the 2nd end, narrowly missing a 3 on the measure.

The next few ends were closely contested with Craig’s team taking a 1 in the 6th end to bring the score to his advantage by 1 shot. The 7th end was started within only 30 seconds to the bell (a close call indeed). With a lot of stones in the house, Craig had the shot stone near the pot lid, with a few out front on either side. Leaving only a very small port through, Keith nominated to play a heavy last stone through the port to remove Craig’s stone.

It only needed to curl a few inches and tension was high. The stone just scraped passed the guards with millimetres to spare & hit Craig’s stone off to the side giving a 1 to Keith’s team.

It was a very enjoyable game with some impressive curling by both teams. The final score was 6-6 with the current holders retaining the title and looking forward to the next challenge in Feb next year, hopefully with Andrew back as skip.

Report by Keith Morris