Club Challenge

The third Club Challenge took place on Sunday 5th Dec after a long wait due to the impact of COVID.

A strong team of Craig Brown, Iain Scott, Kirsty McWilliam and Liz Anderson had challenged Andrew Lambie’s team who are the long-standing title holders. Unfortunately, Andrew & Robert Beaton could not play so Keith Morris stepped up to skip the team of Roger Scott, Martin Hobbs and David Gillespie.

Craig’s team got off to a strong start, taking a 3 in the first end with Craig achieving a very impressive wick & curl in. Andrew’s team managed to get the measure of the ice & came back to take a 2 in the 2nd end, narrowly missing a 3 on the measure.

The next few ends were closely contested with Craig’s team taking a 1 in the 6th end to bring the score to his advantage by 1 shot. The 7th end was started within only 30 seconds to the bell (a close call indeed). With a lot of stones in the house, Craig had the shot stone near the pot lid, with a few out front on either side. Leaving only a very small port through, Keith nominated to play a heavy last stone through the port to remove Craig’s stone.

It only needed to curl a few inches and tension was high. The stone just scraped passed the guards with millimetres to spare & hit Craig’s stone off to the side giving a 1 to Keith’s team.

It was a very enjoyable game with some impressive curling by both teams. The final score was 6-6 with the current holders retaining the title and looking forward to the next challenge in Feb next year, hopefully with Andrew back as skip.

Report by Keith Morris