First Points Competition

Six members of Penicuik took the ice for the first point competition of the season; one curtailed by COVID, but one that brought opportunity to two Points first timers.  The competition started strongly with three individuals scoring a full 8 points – including first timer Norrie! 

The two ice sheets began to bring their influence as they ran a different speed early on and the amount of swing differed throughout – but as ever – it is the same for all.  As can be seen from the scoring shown in the Competitions page, each member had their good ends and their bad, but from the midpoint it was clear John was the one beat.  But having taking the lead John pulled clear of the pack to become the clear winner; with Craig & Iain a joint but distant second. First timer Norrie was hot on their heels, followed by Neil and a faltering end meant Keith became the ‘strongest’ participant.

Well done to John on his strong performance throughout and we look forward to Norrie and Neil returning in the future!

Report by Iain Scott