Merchiston 1816 Match

On Friday 14th January, Penicuik had another good friendly game against Merchiston to commemorate the first 1816 match.

The home team of Keith Morris, Iain Scott (President), Roger Scott & Liz Anderson were up against Jim Cannon, John Jacobs, Jon Wood & Mike Smith of Merchiston.

The game was played following ECC’s Covid regulations with only one sweeper allowed alternating between shots. This suited Roger as he has already played earlier in the day. There was some confusion regarding sweeping opposition stones behind the T line but this was amicably resolved.

Both teams were on form with some fine shots being played, however Penicuik triumphed at the end of the night with a score of 6-3. It must have been a game with a lot of discussion & deep concentration as we only managed to achieve 6 ends.

With the first day of the bar opening after the lifting of regulations, everyone retired upstairs for a refreshment & chat. Jim, the Merchiston skip, thanked Penicuik for the game and spoke about some of the history behind the competition. He also paid tribute to Walter Brown and his curling achievements at all levels of the game.

Penicuik thanked Merchiston for an enjoyable match and mentioned that they look forward to playing against them in the upcoming Team Points.

Report by Keith Morris