Social Fixtures

The Club played three games against invited opposition on Friday 20 January.

Penicuik v Partick

This game was played in excellent spirit with Dave Anderson, Liz Anderson, Peter Occleston and Pam Ramsay pitted against the Partick Vice-President Robbie Wishart (Liz’s cousin), Duncan McColl, Heather Parton and May Morris.  On Robbie’s suggestion we decided to rotate the rinks after each 2 ends which added much to the enjoyment of the evening.  It was clear from the start that this was not going to be an easy game as the Partick front end found their weight from the off and we needed to be on our mettle to keep the score to 1 shot to Partick. The second, third and fourth ends were equally competitive which went with the hammer with singles scored at each end. Following a good hit and roll from Peter we managed a shot against the hammer in the fifth but Partick came back with a single in the sixth. Penicuik managed a few good draws and following an unfortunate last stone from Partick whilst we were lying four shots up we managed through a changing hand to push their stone out to finish with a six, a result (9-3) which did not reflect the game.  Many thanks to the members of Partick Curling Club for an excellent evening of good curling and good fun.

Dave Anderson

Penicuik v SIAE

Penicuik Team 3 (Iain Scott, Roger Scott, Dave Carr and Vic Ramage) played against SIAE (Mike Vetch, Maureen McCulloch, Morna Findlay and David Cunningham).
With Vic getting his weight very quickly, Penicuik got off to a good start with a single followed by a 4. On the 3rd end, the SIAE skip was unlucky and took out their stone to give Penicuik a 6. This really ended the contest and the remaining ends were split evenly with Penicuik winning 14-3. All players were ready to play their stones and so play was continuous and we easily managed to play 8 ends. 8 ends used to be common, so it shows that it can still be done.
After the game, we adjourned upstairs for pleasant conversation and refreshments.

Dave Carr

Penicuik v Inverkeithing

Penicuik Team 2 (John Jacobs, Ronnie Hope, Reg Dunbar and Alister McDonald) played against Inverkeithing CC (Robert Smith, Collin Blyth, Phil Slater and Nigel Patterson).

A very good natured and competitive game with Phil and his team ended with a win (10-6) for Inverkeithing CC.  From the first end, Inverkeithing played a fairly aggressive hitting game from lead through to skip, missing very little!  Penicuik struggled with straight ice over the first couple of ends before fighting back to make a good contest going into last end; where the hitting game from Inverkeithing prevailed again, with some exciting difficult take out shots undoing the excellent play from the front end of Penicuik.

Afterwards we had a really enjoyable discussion about the game and the merits of Murrayfield Curling Rink.  They were all extremely happy, and also praised the standard of ice at Kinross where they play majority of their games now.  We agreed and shared our experiences of our recent Away Day there.

John Jacobs