Scottish Mens Curling Tour to USA

Since 1952 Scotland has played the USA for the Herries Maxwell trophy on a 5-year cycle. The last Scottish tour was in 2007, when Scotland brought back the trophy from the USA. Unfortunately, it was recovered by the USA on their return tour to Scotland in 2012.

2017 is the year for Scotland to travel, and most of our club members will already know that past president Jim Ramsay was selected to play in the Scottish team. Jim will join the other twenty players from all over Scotland on Friday, when they fly off to Chicago to begin their monster expedition.

The tour starts in Chicago, with a practice game on Sunday, January 15th, and finishes off in Boston with the final game and closing banquet at Brookline Country Club on Sunday 5th February. From Chicago, the team will travel as far west as Fargo-Muirhead CC in North Dakota; north to Curl Mesabi Curling Club, close to the Canadian border; and south to the Potomac Curling Club in Maryland.

The Islay Team

The Islay Team

The Scottish team comprises five rinks named after Scottish islands, and Jim is down to play as third in the Islay rink (Rink 5). The tour will visit 27 different clubs, and the Islay rink will play 28 matches over 20 days! The Americans are well known for their generous hospitality and, athough difficult, it will be ill-mannered for the Scots not to reciprocate. It is believed that a little alcoholic beveridge will be involved, (for good fellowship only of course!). Jim is travelling in a private capacity, but as a proud past president of one of the oldest curling clubs in the world, he is sure to spread the word about Penicuik Curling Club and pass on our best wishes to our American brother and sister curlers. We can all follow the tour results on their dedicated website, where full details of the itinerary and tour photos can also be viewed.

 We wish Jim well – just hope he takes plenty embrocation for that dicky knee!

Ronnie Hope