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In late February Jean Allan of Dundee sent an enquiry to the Club via our web site.

I have a small curling stone that belong to my late father. It is inscribed – Presented by the Dowager Lady Clerk and on the base – Won by T Brown 1893. Wondered if you have information about this little stone.  Would be very grateful if you could let me know anything about it.

We were able to reply as follows;

The trophy that you hold was provided by the Dowager Lady Clerk for a Penicuik Curling Club competition played on 13 January 1893, probably on the Low Pond on Penicuik House Estate.  Four rinks played against each other on a knock-out basis, with the rink skipped by Thomas Tudhope winning.  The four members of that rink then played off at Points to establish an individual winner of the trophy.  Thomas Brown who played at Third in the rink was the eventual winner after an extra end at Striking.  Our minutes indicate that the trophy was presented the following day at Monks Burn, whilst the Club members were on route to play West Linton.

Mr Brown appears to have joined Penicuik Curling Club in 1883 and remained a member until 1900.  He became a Skip for some competitions and there are a number of specific references in our minutes particularly for the year 1892.  These minutes can be accessed via the History page of our web site.

Jean Allan subsequently replied to indicate that Thomas Brown was her grandfather, and that he had lived at Monks Burn Cottage, Nine Mile Burn. Mr Brown was born in 1847 and passed away in 1902 at the age of 54.  Another Thomas Brown, who was a member of the Club between 1824 and 1846, may be Jean’s great-grandfather. 

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