Waldie Griffith

Midlothian met West of Fife Province at Kirkcaldy on Wednesday afternoon in the inter-province Waldie Griffith match.  Penicuik was one of four teams representing Midlothian; the other teams were Carrington, DAFS, and Midcalder.  The outcome of the match is determined by the aggregate shots up of the participating provinces, so it is important to maintain a view of the overall match rather than just your own game.  Andrew Lambie skipped the Penicuik rink, with Ken Hunter, Jim Ramsay, and John Glidden.  Penicuik were drawn against Borland CC.  

The ice at Kirkcaldy has a reputation for being quite tricky at times, and so it proved with fall backs in places and very slippery conditions underfoot.  Penicuik lost a two at the first end, but came back with singles and a two to go 4-2 up.  Regrettably we then conceded a four and eventually went into the final end 8-5 down.  Skip Lambie set up a winning position with four counting shots but the opposition Skip, with the final shot of the game, wicked in off an outside stone to cut us back to a single; final score 8-6 down.

DAFS faired better and gained a six shot victory against Dunfermline to end as the top scoring team on the day.  Overall Midlothian managed to win the match, which is a good achievement at Kirkcaldy.