Club Challenge

The 2nd Club Challenge took place on Saturday 12th February at 2.30pm. The team of Jim Ramsay, Dave Carr, Norrie McLean and Reg Dunbar had challenged the present trophy holders team of Keith Morris, Roger Scott, Martin Hobbs and David Gillespie.

The ice was very slow and straight in the 1st end which caught out a few players with not many stones reaching the front of the house. Keith’s team managed to score a 2 at the 1st end, however Jim came right back to take 2 shots in the 2nd. The ice quickly changed as the game progressed, becoming slick and fast with good draws at controlled weight.

Keith’s team then went on to play some good shots throughout the game, controlling the front of the house after getting the measure of the ice. Jim’s team struggled with the weight leaving him with some very difficult shots to play. All credit to Jim for trying to recruit a good balance of players for the challenge.

Team Morris all played well on the day and retain the trophy with a score of 8-2 (6 -1 in ends), and now look forward to future challenges next season.

Report by Keith Morris