Knockout Competition

The Final of the Knockout Competition will take place on 27th February at 3.00pm. Team Anderson will meet Team Brown in what is guaranteed to be a very closely contested match.

Earlier, in an exciting Quarter Final match on 4th February where Team Scott met Team Carr, the scores were level at 6 each after 4 ends. Iain’s rink had taken a 2 at the first, then Dave’s rink an amazing 5 at the second, before Iain responded with a 4 at the third, and Dave with a single at the fourth end. Scores were 8 each after 7 ends, and so the two Skips had to ‘draw the house’, resulting in a win for Team Scott.

In the Semi Finals, Team Scott came up against Team Anderson in another very competitive game with teams level at 6 each after 5 ends. Iain’s rink then took a single at the penultimate end, and with Dave sitting 1 and his last stone still to play, all the pressure was on him to prevent another ‘drawing of the house’ by the Skips to settle the match. However, Dave was up to the task and triumphed with a great final shot to take the 2, winning 8-7 and progressing to the Final.

In the second Semi, Team Ramsay (skipped by Ronnie Hope in Jim’s absence) met Team Brown. This was a more clear cut result with Craig’s rink taking an early 4-0 lead after two ends, and although Team Ramsay clawed back a 2 in the third and then a 1 in the sixth, by this time Craig had increased his lead to 7-3. The final score of 9-3 to Craig’s rink didn’t really reflect the closeness of the game, although Team Ramsay never really got into their stride against better playing opposition. Team Brown will now play against Anderson in the Final.

Report by Jean Noble