Latest Club Challenge

For the second time this season the current holders Andrew Keith Robert and Martin were challenged, this time by a rink skipped by Iain Scott supported by Ken Craig and Roger.

This very close match took place on Tuesday 14th with good play all round and at the end of the 2nd end it was all square at 2 stones each. In the 3rd end Craig managed a perfectly angled raise to take shot before Andrew twice found the gaps allowing Iain to come in and take a 3. The tables were turned in the 4th end when Iain’s last shot to try and cut down Andrew’s three lying stones was swept perfectly through the gap. So 5 stones each after 4 ends. In the next end, Andrew scored a 2 before Iain rounded off the match with a single in each of the last two ends resulting overall in a peel at 7 stones each.

It had been discussed and agreed before the match that in the event of a peel, the current holders would retain the title. So commiserations to Iain’s rink for a very valliant effort, and congratulations to Andrew’s rink who will march onwards into next season as Club Challenge title holders. 

Jean Noble