Merchiston Team Points Match

Penicuik met Merchiston on Sunday evening (7 Feb) for the much anticipated annual Team Points contest.  As the time of the engagement approached, our expeditionary brigade became somewhat depleted by call-offs to the Sick List; we were fortunate that sufficient volunteers from our battalion of reserves came forward to bring us back to full strength.  Our formation for the night was made up of Tom Alexander, Dave Anderson, David Ballantyne, Jim Cowper, Ronnie Hope, Ken Hunter, Keith Morris, and Iain Scott.

On quite tricky ground, Ronnie, Dave, and Keith led our attack in the early skirmishes (Striking & Inwicking), with Iain Scott supporting well with his contribution at Inwicking.  Merchiston regained some ground with their superior performance at Drawing, but Ronnie, Dave, Jim, and Ken ensured a quick reply at Guarding.  A narrow gain was established at Chap & Lie with Ken, Dave, and Tom in our vanguard.  Both teams struggled to take the initiative with the difficult objective set by Wick & Curl In, but Merchiston proved superior here.  At this stage of the contest Penicuik had a 15 point lead; so onto the latter parts of the battle.  Our light artillery proved effective at Raising with David and Ken extracting full points, however Merchiston equalled our boys when it came to Chap & Lie.  In the final round (Drawing the Port, and Outwicking), a solid advance at Drawing the Port by the whole Penicuik Brigade ensured that we would take the day before we consolidated our position with a small gain at Outwicking, largely based on the actions of Dave and Keith.

The final score was Penicuik 124 points, Merchiston 97 Points.  Our top three scorers on the night were Dave Anderson (24), Ronnie Hope (21), and Ken Hunter (21).  A fine performance by Province Secretary David Cunningham made him Merchiston ‘s top scorer on 23 points, and he was supported by Keith Anderson and David Finnie, both on 17 points.

A good night for Penicuik, but our worthy opponents will return to give battle next season re-invigorated, so we must look to our mettle and be prepared for a tougher contest.

Merchiston Points 2016_001