Pairs 2018-19

The Club Pairs Competition was played on Sunday 10 March.  In the opening encounters Ramsay & Hunter beat Morris & Brown, Anderson & Carr (M) beat Carr & Ramsay (P), Jacobs & Lambie  (J) beat Hope & Gillespie, and Lambie & Scott (R) beat Scott & Noble.

On to the Low Road semi-finals; Carr & Ramsay (P) beat Morris & Brown, and Scott & Noble beat Hope & Gillespie.  In the latter game, Ronnie astounded the ‘Gallery’ of onlookers with a reversed angle, raised shot using an opposition stone to just nudge one of his own stones on the edge of the four foot to take shot, it was perhaps the best fluke of the day.

Carr & Ramsay (P) met Scott & Noble in the Low Road final.  Carr & Ramsay got off to a great start gaining a 4, largely as a result of a fine double by Dave Carr with his first/second shot (poor memory of the detail here).  Iain made a good draw with his final stone in the second end to add to the one shot that he and Jean were already lying to make it 4-2 to the Carr Ramsay combo.  Scott & Noble managed to steal a single in the third end to go into the final end one down.  With two stones to go things were not looking to good for Scott & Noble, but Iain managed to get a good draw in on a difficultly straight out-turn to take shot,  Having to move this stone, Dave came up a little too wide and got no draw.  Iain then attempted to repeat the same draw, was slightly heavier and although he lay two shots it appeared to give the opposition a reasonable chance.  However, Dave was again slightly wide of where he would have liked to have been and wrecked on a front stone.  So Iain and Jean were winners 5 shots to 4.

In the High Road semi-finals Anderson & Carr (M) had a comfortable win over Ramsay & Hunter, with Margaret making an excellent out-turn tap back through a port in the second end.  Jacobs & Lambie (J) beat Lambie & Scott.

Anderson & Carr (M) met Jacobs & Lambie (J) in the six end final.  The latter stages of the first end were dominated by shots on a tricky straight in-turn.  Dave found a good line past front stones to take shot just to the left of the four foot.  John managed to get a tap back on this shot and took a single when Dave failed to repeat his earlier shot.  Anderson & Carr exerted pressure in the second end only for John to get a wick in off a stone in the outer part of the house to lie shot.  In trying to deal with this Dave somehow manged to contrive to remove his own stones and, instead of losing a single, gave away a four. Anderson & Carr came back well in the third end and took a three to go 5-3 down.  They had much of the better of things in the fourth end; lying with four shots diagonal across the front of the house from, Dave played his final shot a little too heavy and came to rest past the tee line.  John made a good draw to that stone to take a single and go 6-3 up.  Anderson & Carr again pressed hard in the fifth end and John was only able to keep them to two counters.  His final shot on the swingeing out-turn was quite good giving him shot, but it was marginally too heavy and gave Dave an opportunity to respond.  Dave made the most of the opportunity and was able to move John’ s stone;  the outcome, after a measure, was a three to Anderson & Carr.  So all level after five ends.  Margaret manged to get two decisive stones in in the early part of the final end.  Janette get a freeze on the better of these on the tee line at the right hand side of the pot lid, but did not lie shot.  With the left side reasonably covered, Dave opted for an out-turn draw, he may have been a little tight for his nominated shot but a slight wicked off a front stone provided an excellent guard.  John was now left with little option but to try a very difficult raise on the very swingeing in-turn.  His first attempt looked slightly light but was compromised by a pick up.  Dave attempted a guard on the same hand but did not get the result he was seeking.  John then tried the raise again without success, only for Dave to get the guard on with his final stone.  John was left with a difficult raise on the tricky out turn which was unsuccessful.  So Dave and Margaret ran out winners 7 shots to 6.

Again the Pairs Competition was a successful and enjoyable day.  Thank you to everyone who entered.