Conclusion of Thirds League

Wow! What a finish to the Thirds League. Team Carr just either needed a point against Team Hobbs, or for Team Occleston to drop a point to Team Gillespie, in order to win the League. If they lost and Team Occleston won, then it would go to Ends then Shots Up. Team Carr just had the edge on both.

Team Carr started a bit nervy, and Team Hobbs built up a well-deserved 4-1 lead after four ends. Meanwhile on the adjacent sheet, Team Occleston were even more impressive leading 6-0. The large crowd (Ronnie Hope and Dave Carr) were getting excited and checking the total ends and shots up. Team Occleston looked as if they were now ahead on both.  Then Team Gillespie started a comeback, with a 4 at the 5th end.  The sixth ends went to Teams Occleston and Hobbs.  It looked grim for Team Carr, unless there could be a game changing final end.

At last, Team Carr found their weight and built up 4 stones in the house with 2 stones left. Team Hobbs tried to reduce the numbers with a big hit but it was a bit wide and sailed through the back.  Provided Team Carr didn’t do anything silly with the last stone, they had pulled a draw out of the bag. The attempt at a draw to win the game pulled up well short for a final score of 6-6.  On the other sheet, Team Gillespie had also found their weight and were piling in the shots, a nice draw to the front of the house with the last stone gave them a 4 and for a 8-7 win. 

What a finish!  Big turnarounds in the last ends of both games, and victory in the Thirds League to Team Carr.  Team Carr finished on 9 points, with Teams Occleston and Gillespie both on 6 points. Whilst this looks comfortable, it was anything but on the night. 

Well done to all 4 teams for an excellent night’s entertainment, and congratulations to Team Carr (Margaret Carr, Christine Hope Mike Mauchline and Vic Ramage) on their success in winning the Hope Quaich.  I’m sure that the nerves of the players and the crowd will settle down in a few days!

Dave Carr