Match Against ’37 Club’

Two rinks from Penicuik met two rinks from 37 Club on Monday 18 March for the annual social match.  One Penicuik team consisted of Jim Ramsay, Murray Hope, Robert Beaton, and Ronnie Hope,  and the second one consisted of Dave Anderson, Keith Morris, Dave Carr, and Ken Hunter.

Jim’s team kept nipping away at  their opponents and managed to get on level terms at five all after 6 ends.  In the seventh end, they started on the front foot but ended up losing a two to finish 5-7 down.  Dave’s team were under pressure in the early ends of their game, with their opponents playing well and establishing dominant positions.  Dave did well to restrict 37 Club to a single in the first end, and after four ends Penicuik were 1-4 down.  Penicuik managed a single in the fifth end, and a great final shot from Dave (wick in from an outside stone on the centre line to lie covered in the four foot) saved our bacon in the sixth end when a heavy loss loomed.  The Final end was cat & mouse, with one side taking the initiative only to be outdone by the other side.  Fortunately, it ended up going our way so the game ended up 4-4.

A welcome refreshment was shared in the bar afterwards before Jim Ramsay presented the trophy to 37 Club and congratulated them on another victory.  A fine night of sport in good company.