District Medal 2018-19

Helensburgh v Penicuik

The President’s rink of Jim Ramsay, Robert Beaton, Murray Hope and Ronnie Hope along with the Vice –President’s rink of Dave Anderson, Dave Carr, Iain Scott and Margaret Carr took to the ice at Braehead on Saturday 2 March  to play for a District Medal against Helensburgh.

Both games were hotly contested on what was quite tricky ice with the President’s rink gaining the advantage to go 3 shots up in the first two ends. Helensburgh had a difficult last stone draw against 7 shots which the skip executed to perfection to take a single. This seemed to shift the momentum in their direction and they took the next three ends to go into the final end 5-3 ahead but Jim managed to get a single to finish the game Helensburgh 5 shots and 4 ends – 4 shots and 3 ends Penicuik.

The Vice President’s rink in the meantime had a last stone draw against 4 in the first end to only lose a single. The second end went Penicuik’s way with an angled plant to remove the opposition stones to gain 4 shots. The next end needed a last stone draw to cover the button with some frantic sweeping to gain us a single then two shots in the 4th end gave us a good advantage but Helensburgh came back with 2 shots in the 5th. The last two ends went with the hammer with 3 shots to Penicuik then 2 to the opposition with the game finishing Helensburgh 5 shots and 3 ends – 10 shots and 4 ends Penicuik.

So the overall result was a win to Penicuik 2 points, 7 ends, and 14 shots against Helensburgh 2 points, 7 ends and 10 shots.

Dave Anderson