Hurley Section League

The final of the first Hurley League was played on Thursday 18th January between teams Ramsay and Jacobs.
Jim’s team had won Section 1 and then beat Dave Anderson’s team in the semi final. While John’s team was second in Section 1 and then beat Walter Brown’s team in the semi final.
So the final was a rematch of their Section 1 game, which had been won by Jim’s team.
On the night, Team Ramsay was Jim Ramsay, John Glidden, Chris Parry (subbing for Jim Cowper) and Margaret Dalgleish. Team Jacobs was John Jacobs, Margaret Carr, Christine Hope and Elaine Lambie.
Team Ramsay were quick to find the weight of the ice and got off to a flying start with a 4, followed by a 3. Team Jacobs then pulled back with a single at the 3rd end.
At the 4th end, Jim tried a difficult raise on his own stone to prevent losing a one but was too tight and lifted a blue to into his yellow to give away a 3. 7-4 and the comeback was on.
However, team Ramsay played the next 2 ends very well, taking singles at each end. The bell went as John’s last stone was half way down the ice, resulting in a 6 end game.
Well done to team Ramsay for their 9 – 4 victory and winners of the Hurley League.
This has been a new format for Penicuik competitions (the same format as the Tennis O2 Finals). The sectional leagues produced some good games, and nearly all the games affected the final positions, before the “cut and thrust” of the semis and final.
Hopefully, we will continue the competition in the future.
Dave Carr