External Fixture Update

Henderson Bishop

Penicuik met Haymarket in their initial round of the Henderson Bishop qualifying tournament  at Murrayfield on 6 December.  The team was skipped by Liz Anderson, who was supported by Margaret Carr,  Janette Lambie, and Pam Ramsay.  Haymarket won the game 8-3.

King George IV Trophy

Having got a bye in the 1st round, Pencuik – Iain Scott (skip), Keith Morris, Roger Scott & Craig Brown – met SIAE in the second round.  Penicuik started well, putting SIAE under pressure, including forcing them to draw against a 4 (in 3rd end).  Ultimately Penicuik were unable to convert the early pressure into a score, setting up a tight match.  Whilst Pencuik scored a 2 in the 4th end, the momentum was firmly shifting toward SIAE.  Ends 5 & 6 saw SIAE scoring 2 in each, dealing with the “pressure shots” better than Penicuik.  The 7th end saw a pressure save from Penicuik from another SIAE score with a last stone draw to the 4 foot,  but this was too little too late. 

Hands were shaken at the end of 7 ends, 6-4 to SIAE.

Iain Scott

Merchiston ‘1816’ Match


Penicuik and Merchiston curling clubs played out a thrilling game to commemorate the 203 year link between both clubs. On rink 7 ice conditions were fast and swinging on all sides. 

Penicuik line-up: John Jacobs (skip), Iain Scott, Robert Beaton and David Gillespie.

Merchiston lined up with Chris Morrison (skip), David Cunningham, John Wood and Ross Angus.

Both teams started well, but Merchiston playing aggressively were lying four as John played the final stone of the first end.  Needing a dead draw to the inner four foot, some strong sweeping brought it home for a welcome single1.  Penicuik with excellent shot playing from front end managed to take command of the second end after a well-placed early guard and took a 3 – 0 lead.  

Back came Merchiston with scores of two in the next couple of ends to edge ahead 4 – 3.  Getting shots in and guarding was the way to play. 

Starting the fifth end,  Penicuik with strong draw play started building up a few stones at the front of the house behind a couple of guards, with Penicuik lying 4, a key shot from Merchiston’s Third, David, was on a great line to cut shots, but had an unfortunate pickup causing it to swing  and tap in another shot for Penicuik.  Another guard was played  and  then Chris managed to raise a Merchiston stone in to reduce the damage to 3, a small gap offered the chance of a take out for a possible 6 which, again with strong sweeping controlling the shot, was successful  in making  a gain of 6.

 Looking good at 9 – 4 up, with two ends left, Merchiston weren’t finished, well placed draw shots set up the chance for skip Chris to bury another shot behind a guard for 3.  Penicuik skip John switching hands played short on a good line, Chris took advantage and drew another shot on for a four to reduce Penicuik’s lead to 9 – 8!  In a tense and exciting final end, Chris drew to the four foot with his last stone, half covered by a guard to leave Merchiston lying two for game with last stone to come for Penicuik.  Looking good for a while, but started swinging and again needed strong sweeping to come into house, clipping a short stone and just made it far enough for second shot! with the game ending 9 – 9. Everyone agreed that they had thoroughly enjoyed a very exciting game with some fabulous shots being played by both sides and that a draw was the right result. The game was played in a great spirit throughout befitting of  the long standing friendship between the clubs.

John Jacobs

Rink Championship

Penicuik (Jim Ramsay, Dave Anderson, Ken Hunter, and Andrew Lambie) met Musketeers in the second round of this tournament on Saturday afternoon.  Musketeers took a single in the first end, and then stole a single in the next end to go two up.  Penicuik then took a single in the third end, and stole another single in the fourth end to make it 2-2.  The Musketeers ominously took singles in the fifth and sixth ends for a 4-2 lead going into the last end.  However, Penicuik managed to scrape a two in the seventh end to peel the match.  So on to the sudden death finish of the skips drawing to he house.  Jim played first and drew to the back of the four foot, and fortunately for us the opposing skip’s draw was just marginally heavier.

This was a good game played in the best of spirit by the participants.