Pairs Competition

Once again we have had an excellent Pairs competition with an exciting finish. The High and Low Road format giving everyone 2 games and keeping the crowds to the bitter end.  The games were played on sheets 1 and 2. The ice was very tricky with big swings and fall backs.

The first round winners were Tom Alexander & Jean Lennie, Dave Anderson & Margaret Carr, Roger Scott & Dave Carr and Walter Brown & Janette Lambie.

 In the Low Road semi-finals, Andrew Lambie & Liz Anderson beat John Jacobs & Reg Dunbar, and Ronnie Hope & David Gillespie beat Keith Morris & Vic Ramage. In the final, Andrew & Liz had a comfortable win against Ronnie & David, with Andrew playing the fall back particularly well.

 In the High Road semi-finals, Dave A & Margaret beat Tom & Jean in a tight match, and Roger & Dave C beat Walter & Janette.  The High Road final was a very close encounter. After 4 ends Roger & Dave had crept to a 5-0 lead, but Dave A & Margaret hit back with a 3 in the 5th end. In the 6th end, the advantage swapped around but with the last couple of shots Dave A just squeezed past a guard and Roger tried to follow him. Roger’s shot just caught the guard leaving Dave A & Margaret with a 2, to tie the game at 5-5.

So for the second year in a row, the Pairs competition would be settled by drawing shots.  Dave A went first and drew to within the 4 foot. Roger followed but was slightly heavier giving the title to Dave A and Margaret.

 Congratulations to Low Road winners Andrew and Liz and to High Road winners Dave A and Margaret.