Province League

We went into the last game of the season in 6th place (out of 8) against Bank of Scotland in 7th place, needing at least a peal to stay in Division 2.

We got off to a good start gaining 4 shots in the first end followed by a lucky steal of 1 shot in the second. We lost a single in the third then an unfortunate 4 in the fourth.  We rallied to take a single in the fifth followed by another in the sixth going into the last end 2 shots up. We kept our heads and stole 3 shots to come out winners by 10 shots to 5 thereby finishing the season mid-table on 7 points and retaining our position in Division 2.

The squad for the season was Murray Hope (Skip), Dave Anderson (Third) with John Jacobs, Iain Scott and Robert Beaton.

Dave Anderson