Opening Bonspiel 2016-17

Thirty-two members gathered at Murrayfield Curling Rink on Sunday afternoon, eagerly anticipating the start of our new season.  Fortunately a number had already been on the ice ahead of the event, the remainder had to quickly get to grips with their slides.  We were delighted to have two of our new members, Aileen Beaton and Annette Lang, join us for the event.  It was especially gratifying that the company kept up to schedule and seven ends were played, so that each team met all of the other seven teams.  The format was such that no one knew how the other teams were getting on.  At the close of play Team Hunter emerged as the winners on +9, closely followed by Team Carr on +7.  So well done to Jim Cowper, Barbara Gillespie, and Vic Ramage who played with your Reporter.

Afterwards the company celebrated with a meal and a few drinks, before President Dave Carr took to the floor to express the Club’s gratitude to the organising parties, make a few announcements, and relate the results of the bonspiel.  Dave also took time to congratulate Vic Ramage on being made Penicuik’s Citizen of the Year for his considerable work in fund raising and charitable work.

Well done to Iain Scott for his work as the principal organiser, and we are grateful to Ian Neil for his sponsorship of the event.