Province League Update

Penicuik suffered a respectable but comprehensive 9-4 defeat to a very strong Currie and Balerno team, led by former World Junior Champion Kerry Barr, in the latest fixture. The first, and hopefully last, loss of the season.

Without much room for error, Currie and Balerno were quick to punish any stray shots or seek openings in the game. Whilst this was our toughest test in the last two seasons, playing at this level is excellent experience for all of the team and lets us see where we can individually improve. Despite the late evening and facing a 6 shot deficit, we showed great spirit in fighting on for two shots in an eighth end (albeit via a slightly unconventional delivery of a dirty stone!). The PCC team continues to play competitively but with warm friendship – embodying the values of our club and enjoying the respect of all those we play. Of course, it’s even nicer to be on the victorious end of these historic friendly rivalries!

Murray Hope