Away Day 2015-16

A cold and icy early Saturday morning saw curlers making their way to the Navaar Hotel to board a coach bound for Greenacres.  A smooth trip across to the west bathed in the morning sun.  On arrival, the much anticipated bacon rolls were quickly produced to fuel the throng ready for battle.

The morning session was completed on ice that was good, and slightly different to that of our home rink.  The ice hall was filled with noise and raucous laughter as the teams competed to gain advantage.  Then a welcome lunch interval with the opportunity for a refreshment or two.  The afternoon session was restricted to 3 ends for each half game, with a refreshment break between.  In the end it was team Ramsay that prevailed to take the day on +12 shots; Team Hunter was in second place on +9, and Team Anderson was in third place on +5; wooden spoons went to Team Dunbar.  Congratulations to Jim, Liz, David, and Anne on their win.  We received a great welcome from the staff at Greenacres, and our thanks go to them for helping to make the day. 

Most of the participants and other members enjoyed supper together at the Navaar after our return to Penicuik.   The Social-subcommittee deserve our thanks for the success of the occasion, dealing with all of the detailed arrangements, organising the raffle, and running a quiz on the return journey.  Well done Jan, Barbara, Elaine, and John.