Second Points Competition

The Second Points Competition was held on Monday 9th March at 5.30pm.

Only seven members played in this latest ‘skills test’ after a couple of late call-offs due to illness. In starting order, the participants were Jean Noble (the only lady present and very nervous at having to play first), David Ballantyne, Jim Cowper, Iain Scott, Reg Dunbar, Dave Anderson and Ronnie Hope.

The competition was played on Sheets 1 and 2 and there did appear to be some difference in the way the shots played out. However, the competition flowed smoothly with lots of words of encouragement or otherwise between players. 9 out of the 10 disciplines were completed before the bell, although no-one managed to score in all nine.

Many congratulations to Reg Dunbar who came out a deserving winner on 37 points, at the end of a very competitive tussle with Iain Scott who finished second on 33 points, and Dave Anderson on 31 points. The top scorers in each discipline were as follows;

Striking                           Iain Scott & Reg Dunbar (8)

Inwicking                        Iain Scott, Dave Anderson & Ronnie Hope (3)

Drawing                         David Ballantyne (6)

Guarding                       Iain Scott (5)

Chap & Lie                    Ronnie Hope (6)

Wick & Curl In               Jim Cowper (4)

Raising                          Reg Dunbar (6)

Chipping the Winner     Iain Scott & Reg Dunbar (8)

Drawing Thru the Port   David Ballantyne (2)

Jean, as Sponsor, would like to thank all who took part. (Her only consolation was that she scored more than her previous attempt last year). However, playing Points is a great way to gain more decision making and shot experience so we would encourage everyone to try it.

Jean Noble