Pairs Competition

Club Pairs Competition – Sunday 6th March. 

In the first rounds: team Scott and McWilliam won against Hope and Dawe,  team Lambie and Noble won against Anderson & Lambie(J),  team Carr(D) and Ballantyne beat Jacobs and Mauchline(M) whilst team Carr(M) and Dunbar won against Brown and Anderson(L).

In the Low Road semi-finals, Anderson(D) and Lambie(J) beat Hope and Dawe whilst Jacobs and Mauchline beat Brown and Anderson(L). 

A short rest now for the Low Road finalists whilst the High Road semi-finals were played out.

Whilst Lambie and Noble didn’t quite get the breaks with their shots, Scott and McWilliam were getting everything right. Kirsty was chasing her stones up the ice and sweeping them into perfect position. Despite Andrew’s best efforts Iain capitalised with his stones, winning outright by 6-0. In the other semi Dave C and David B came up against wife Margaret C and Reg. This was a closer match eventually won by Margaret and Reg 4-2 thus setting up an intriguing High Road Final.

After a bit of negotiating with the Ice Man, both Finals were played at the same time albeit at opposite sides of the Curling Rink which made it a bit difficult for the spectators.

In the Low Road Final, Dave A and Janette were all square 1-1 against John and Mike after two ends. However, they then made a 3 at the third end before clinching the Final by scoring a 2 at the last end winning 6-1.

At the other side of the ice floor, Iain and Kirsty employed aggressive tactics from the start taking out any open opposition stone and scoring a 5 in the first end before Margaret and Reg replied with a single in the next. A further 2 for team Scott left team Carr with a lot to do but they persevered and, with Iain missing a hack-weight opportunity to take shot, Margaret’s pairing took another 2 in the fourth to sit 3-7 down. With many stones in play and both sides trying to wick-in, Iain and Kirsty took a 1 in the fifth end, before Margaret and Reg conceded to end the match. Final result: 8-3 for Iain and Kirsty.

Overall the Pairs Competition was a successful and enjoyable day albeit a long one. It is fair to say that it was a bit of a struggle to get 16 players this year, so a big thank you to everyone who entered and many congratulations to the Low Road winners Dave Anderson and Janette Lambie, and the High Road winners Iain Scott and Kirsty McWilliam.

Report by Jean Noble