First Points 2018-19

The first half of our domestic programme concluded with the First Points Competition on Wednesday evening (12 Dec).  Nine members contested for the medal and the opportunity to test their skills against the current ice.  In starting order of play the participants were Dave Anderson, John Jacobs, Ronnie Hope, Jim Cowper, Jim Ramsay, Craig Brown, Ken Hunter, Alex Moir, and Keith Morris.

The ice was somewhat challenging, but that may just be because it was different to our past experience.   At the close of play Keith Morris emerged as the winner on 33 points, with Ken Hunter in second place (30 pts), and Jim Ramsay in  third place (29 pts).  Congratulations to Keith on his win.  It was an enjoyable evening, and it was good to have the opportunity to try Points on the new ice pad as we will face our “old enemy” Merchiston in a Team Points Match in January.

As to the details of the event, 4 members managed to score at all eight of the disciples played, these were Dave Anderson, Jim Ramsay, Craig Brown, and Keith Morris.  The other 5 members all had one disciple with a zero score (mostly at Wick and Curl In).  The top scorers in each discipline were as follows;

Striking                           Ken Hunter (8)

Inwicking                        Ronnie Hope (7)

Drawing                          Craig Brown (6)

Guarding                       Ken Hunter & Keith Morris (5)

Chap & Lie                     Craig Brown (4)

Wick & Curl In                Jim Ramsay (5)

Raising                            Ronnie Hope (4)

Chipping the Winner    Ken Hunter (6)

Points is a great way to learn and to gain more experience about how to play the ice we have.  The Second Points Competition is on Tuesday 19 February, and the Intermediate Points Competition is on Wednesday 27 February.