Close Encounter in the Swan

Penicuik met Currie & Balerno in the first round of the Swan Trophy yesterday afternoon (8 Nov); the Swan is a double rink knock-out competition.  The Penicuik teams were  (a) Dave Anderson, Jim Ramsay, Dave Carr, and Reg Dunbar, and (b) Andrew Lambie, Ken Hunter, Ronnie Hope, and John Glidden.  Team (a) had a very tight game and Dave Anderson was successful with his final shot of the match to take a single to peel the game at 5-5 (5 ends to Penicuik).  Team (b) had a more up and down game, going behind after leading by three shots however, two fine draws by Andrew Lambie in the last end resulted in a second peeled game 8-8 (5 ends to Penicuik).  So remarkably a draw across the match, and on to the sudden death of drawing the house.  Simon Fleming of Currie & Balerno went first and ended up in the eight foot circle, and, perhaps with over enthusiastic sweeping, Dave Anderson’s stone finished up just through the house.