Hurley Conclusion

The winners and runners-up from the two sections met in the semi-finals on Monday evening (8 Oct).  In the first game Team Jacobs had a narrow win (6-5) over Team Hope to reach the final.  In the second game Hunter & Co (aka Team Lambie) were fortunate to  gain a win (10-8) over Team Dunbar, having trailed for much of the game.

In the final on Thursday evening, Hunter & Co took a single in the first end against the hammer, with John J making a fine last shot to reduce the damage from two.  A poor first shot in the second end by Hunter gave John J an opportunity to remove the opposition counter which he did, and subsequently went on to get a four.  The response from Hunter & Co in the third end was immediate, taking back a four with four shots to the four-foot.  The fourth end was pivotal, John J was left facing five stones spread around the front half of the house; he opted for a back ring weighted inwick but just missed his target stone and ran out.  Hunter & Co applied significant pressure in the fifth end, but John J was able to take a single with a fine angled raise to the four-foot.  On to the sixth end, Hunter & Co played conservatively, not pressing too hard when lying with 3 second counting shots.  On to the final end; Jim Hume started things well for Team Jacobs lying with two touching stones in front of the four-foot.  Jean Noble played a nice tap back on these stones moving both of them to the outer circle at the back on either side of the house.  Shots were exchanged but Hunter & Co managed to keep a counter fairly central in the house.  John J converted this into a final position where he was lying two at the back of the four-foot; Hunter played a draw to these stones to take the game (11-6).

Congratulations to Ken, Craig Brown, Carol Fleming (Subbed on the night by Alex Moir), and Jean Noble.  Commiserations to Team Jacobs who had a good competition, playing well as a unit throughout.  They were also the only team that played all of their games without a substitute!