Singles Competition

The Singles Competition was played out on Sunday evening (10 Dec) using a double knock-out format.  Many of the individual ties were tightly contested; in the opening round, Hope beat Morris with a well-judged last stone, Jacobs beat Hunter on a measure, and Anderson beat Carr with a superior draw to the house after their game ended in a peel.

In the Low Road semi-finals, Brown beat Carr and Hunter beat Morris.  Hunter then won the final (6-1).  In the High Road semi-finals, Lambie won against Anderson with the final draw of the tie, and Jacobs won a close tie against Hope.  Lambie got off to a good start in the final taking a three.  He played a well-judged game and kept the pressure on his opponent so that Jacobs conceded after five ends (6-1).  Congratulations to Andrew on his victory on a night that was enjoyed by all of the participants.