37 Club Challenge Match

At our dinner to celebrate our Bi-centenary, 37 Club presented Penicuik with a very nice silver salver to mark the occasion.  Subsequently, the clubs agreed that they would compete annually for the salver. Last season, we played a single rink game against them and managed to win the trophy 7-4.  Afterwards both clubs felt that they could raise two teams, so it was decided to make it a double rink sheet match for this season.
So, on Monday 20th March, Penicuik played against 37 Club.
Representing Penicuik were the President’s team, Jim Ramsay, Dave Carr, John Jacobs and Ronnie Hope, and the Vice President’s team, Murray Hope, Dave Anderson, Iain Scott and Robert Beaton.  The President’s team played Mike Wilkinson, Bryan Little, Mike Williamson, and Mel Stimpson, and the Vice-President’s team played Paul Davidson, David Lambie, Alastair Hay, and Harry Fairley.
The Vice President’s team got off to a great start and went 6 up after two ends. While the President’s game was more of a nip and tuck affair, with both sides striving to gain an advantage.  While the Vice President’s team were keeping a good lead in shots, they were dropping ends and the President’s team started to struggle.  So going into the last end, it looked like Penicuik would win the Vice President’s game but lose The President’s game. The Challenge Match would be decided on ends and Penicuik would win if they could gain an end in either of the games.
The President’s team lost a heavy (5) last end  and lost the game 4-10 but drew 3-3 on ends. In the Vice Presidents game, 37 Club had a well buried shot and Murray decided to go for a “David Murdoch” style triple lift at weight. It was looking good all the way down the ice. However, the last stone to be lifted missed the 37 stone by half an inch (see Mike Williamson’s photo). A great effort by Murray, whose team ran out winners 8-4.
Congratulations to 37 Club who won the match 14-12 (7 ends to 6).
We all retired to the bar after the match for the usual conviviality and all agreed that we should keep the double rink format for next season.
Dave Carr