Pate Trophy

At around 11:30 Tom Alexander, Jim Cowper, Ronnie Hope and John Jacobs set off for Kelso to play against the Borders Province in the Pate Trophy. Heading up Lowries Den and onto the bypass comments from the back of the car came thick and fast. Where are ye goin Tom, this isnae how you get tae Kelso. We duly pressed on and after some slight confusion due to a broken road sign on the A697 we pulled into the car park at Kelso just after 12:30 where Jim Cowper sheepishly conceded perhaps this was the best way to get to Kelso after all.

We found we would be playing the Borders Province President’s select which would be skipped by the Vice President as the President was on holiday, and after some welcome nourishment we ambled on to the ice at 1:30.  At the first end on very dour ice we miraculously took the end to be 1 up. As the ice keened up it became nip and tuck and after 7 ends the Borders were leading 7-6, but there were still a few seconds to the bell and an 8th end was played. Unfortunately this didn’t go well and we gave up 3 shots to end the game 6-10. As is always the case in these games it was played with friendly banter throughout. Overall after this first session Borders Province were leading Midlothian Province by 8 shots.

We then retired to the bar where the banter continued and the usual tales were flowing. As we prepared to leave around 5:00 it didn’t look too promising for Midlothian Province but there was still time to turn it around. After a very enjoyable, albeit unsuccessful day we finally rolled back into Penicuik around 6:00

Tom Alexander

Borders Province 66 Midlothian Province 54